HeArt Circle On Forgiveness
--Trupti Pandya
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May 23, 2017

Last Sunday, we had beautiful HeArt circle themed on forgiveness.

After some silence and a reading, we chose different mediums of art like clay, colors, wool. Some chose to continue with silence while some chose to journal a letter to self or someone else. Forty five minutes of hands activity later, we closed with a circle of reflection -- and people shared some really deep stories.

A girl with a disability made these beautiful things from clay:

Someone drew a beautiful painting and expressed the story behind it, of how she hasn't forgiven herself after losing her child.  A mother whose son is going through a difficult illness shared how she enjoyed playing with colors today.

A heartfelt hug from a downs syndrome kid simply melted us all.

As I sat with myself during the HeArt circle, the only prayer that was coming was, 'May peace prevail in the world', 'May peace prevail inside me'.

I had recently seen photos of our friends visiting Japan, and then saw one with the giant mandala.  I read more some blogs by Yuka, story of her mother and all the prayers that have been initiated by the family.  

Our dear friend Bhumika had offered us a hand-made mandala, and as I started writing my prayers on it, prayers started coming for the sky, for the earth, water, trees. Somehow even Trump came to my mind. I resisted to write his name on it but I did write it and sent him prayers too. And as I reached the outer circle, I could just not stop thinking about Rev.Heng Sure. My Mandala finished with his prayer: may all become compassionate and wise!

Just wanted to share a big big thank you for so many gifts that I received simply because of all of you exist, holding a vigil for the the powerful prayer you hold everyday.

Posted by Trupti Pandya on May 23, 2017

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