My Reflection In The Stream Of Pure Love And Clarity
--Preeta Bansal
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Feb 7, 2017

I am still processing the magic and many shifts emanating from our week together at Gandhi 3.0. But as I am about to go off-line for a bit, I wanted to write at this still-early stage to share preliminary reflections and to express my profound gratitude and humility for all that continues to arise within me as a result of our time together.

My journey with ServiceSpace is such that the unexpected and sublime (or, more accurately, the unexpectedly sublime and mind-blowing) continues to meet me at every turn... Before arriving in Ahmedabad, I thought I was well on my way in beginning to grasp the profound principles that guide ServiceSpace and the ripples and tsunamis it is creating in the world. And I enjoyed watching a few of the other participants start to grapple throughout the course of the retreat with the dance of the inner and the outer, and the wisdom of focusing on small acts for inner cultivation -- even in the face of, perhaps especially in the face of, vast systemic challenges.

But as the retreat came to an end, I realized that I, too, continue to experience profound shifts whenever I am within this beautiful ecosystem. Being in the company of such holy souls and highly cultivated people -- Rev. Heng Sure, Jayesh-Bhai, Nipun, Joseph, Sister Lucy, Guri-ji :), Aunty and Uncle Mehta (of the "right house") and Sraddhalu, among so many others -- added an extra-planetary, cosmic dimension to everything (in much the same way as quantum physics has revealed to us the dynamics of the extrasensory world over the past century). I realized that SSp is not only founded on the soundest design principles, but also is supported by intensive cultivation at the highest levels of consciousness beyond the ordinary capabilities of gross perception. The experience for me added a field beyond the question of simply love and power -- and toward consideration of how one can continue to cultivate oneself so intensively that the invisible and vast (even "systemic") power emanating from love is the strongest and most regenerative and sustaining of all, and so that there truly is no exit from the resulting energy fields and ripples/waves of positive inner and outer (social) transformation. I can see nothing more important.

I also recognized the remaining uncultivated pieces of my own personality. When one is in the presence of the stream of such pure love and clarity, one is able to see one's own reflection in that clear stream.  And that reflection revealed to me my own still-muddy features, impurities, and blurred edges, and showed just how much continued cultivation I have still to do.  

And so I bow to each of you -- with deep gratitude for the lessons, with feelings of grace and awe for the opportunity to be part of such a tremendous community, and with love and hope in my heart.  Onwards!    

Posted by Preeta Bansal on Feb 7, 2017

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