In Conversation With Nipun Mehta - 6th Nov 2016

Posted by Mita Shah on Dec 11, 2016
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The journey began when we attended a one-day retreat with Nipun and Satish Kumar last year at Trishna’s beautiful home in Pimlico. The day was filled with joy, laughter, the biggest smiles and sooo much love!

We wanted to share this treasure with others, and a seed was planted. A few months passed and the seed was ready to sprout. Exciting emails went back and forth when we heard that Nipun was coming back to town, and we set an event date.  Our minds raced with ideas for the the venue, flyer design, marketing setting etc. etc. all appearing from a space of joy.

The next few weeks flowed and all was effortlessly falling into place. And we were getting more and more excited by the day!

The day finally arrived bringing on the day tasks with again just flowed with so much joy and ease. 300 guests filled the theatre with ‘Nimo’s Empty Hands’ playing in the background. Most of the guests had never met Nipun before and there was a sense of curiosity in the air.

As soon as we started, a warm comfortable stillness, a meditativeness filled the space. Atul, the MC; Anuja, the interviewer and Nipun (just oozing love for two hours) held this beautiful intimate space for us all.  Nipun shared about ServiceSpace and so many deeply touching stories.

The guests were very deeply touched by the whole experience. Everyone wanted to share hugs, so long queues formed in all directions!

Its been just over a month since the event and whoever we meet, the conversation is all about the insights we heard that night -- and the personal stories of conscious kind acts and the ripples that have followed.

We are very much looking forward to organize another event to ripple the ServiceSpace love, wisdom and unbounded energy far and wide.

Deep gratitude all that made this event possible. Life is a miracle! Feeling truly blessed.

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