Why Whales And Dolphins Don't Fight Back

Posted by Aabha Gupta on Oct 19, 2016
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Here is a beautiful article I came across and felt compelled to share it with you: Why Don't Whales and Dolphins Fight Back?  Some excerpts below ... 
Each year in Taiji, Japan, the unthinkable happens: wild dolphins are rounded up, sold into captivity and killed. The international community has long known about the hunts and continues to rally for change. What remains unknown is why dolphins never fight back against their human tormentors.

Exploring this question raises others. What causes captive orcas and belugas to show such restraint toward their captors? Why did the great whale nations rarely attack the hunters who lanced them by the millions? Why don’t dolphins and whales fight back?

By virtue of their incredible sonar abilities, the dolphins clearly witness the deaths of their kin. Make no mistake: they hear the whistles of agony. They see who is doing the killing. They are aware.

It is most astonishing, then, that the dolphins do not fight back. They are more than capable of doing so. It only requires watching a few moments of the chaos to realize that not only are the dolphins not attacking the humans, but they are intentionally avoiding causing them harm.

It is a great mystery why dolphins and whales don’t fight back. Greater still is why we fight them in the first place.

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