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Posted by Audrey Lin on Oct 23, 2015
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It's been beautiful to witness the ripples unfold after Nimo's Empty Hands Music encounters in the Bay Area last month. The week of Gandhi's birthday, 3rd grade teacher, Jacqueline, filled her bookshelves with picture books on Gandhi, MLK Jr, and other nonviolence-themed subjects, and culminated the week with a lesson on Gandhi's 'be the change we wish to see' message.

Then, just a few days back, bunch of her students were out at a farmer's market in Berkeley, spreading smiles, near and far! :)

She wrote: "We spent about an hour making a passage of kindness with the signs and walkway between us. The children received lots of high fives, thank you's, and big smiles. The manager of the farmer's market said it was the best thing ever! He jumped out of his booth to walk down the path of kindness. The class, along with siblings, decided to sing rounds of the Planting Seeds song and spread even more seeds of happiness."

And they'll be at it again, in a pedestrian-friendly area, on Monday...! :)    

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  • Micky O'Toole wrote ...

    This is so awesome! ♥.

  • Geoff Nedry wrote ...


  • Pancho Ramos Stierle wrote ...

    SO refreshing to see what happens in REAL farmer's markets! :-) <3 !!!