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Posted by Micky O'Toole on Jan 31, 2015
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I was watching the video posted on Service Space recently by Somik with Lynne Twist and Deepak Chopra. The ideas in the vid were a little mind bending and completely awesome so I decided to watch it again and take notes this time.

So as I did I thought I would post the notes with time stamps under each vid in case they are helpful to others. So then I thought, Well perhaps this would be useful as a blog. So I added the links to each video in Parts 1-4.  I hope you find the notes useful and the vids as enlightening and amazing as I did.

As I listened, I thought of us here on ServiceSpace, and on KindSpring and all these beautiful endeavors that take us far beyond ourselves and into this place of collaboration, this place of sufficiency.  Lynne speaks about this in detail and says that it is the complete opposite of most of the world right now (scarcity, consumerism and competition).  But we're changing it.

Deepak issues a call to action for all of us, and one directed specifically to entrepreneurs in the last vid.
Lynne quotes Paul Hawkins who said that there is a movement going on and it has no center.  It's all over, in every corner of the earth.  "It's individuals turning their complaints into commitments and changing the world."

There's so much here that I will be returning to these notes quite often. I have a lack/scarcity view of money and I'm trying to change that around in my head completely.  I love the way this video is bending my mind in the right direction.

Thanks again Somik! =)


I need to learn this so it's helpful for me to take notes on things in order to learn. This is the result. I thought perhaps it would be useful to others too. ♥

Lynne Twist and Deepak Chopra
Summary Notes Part 1 of 4
0:50 - 1:09 Intro
1:10 - The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist
1:40 - Deepak's conversation w/his spiritual master about medicine
2:21 - "You're a good technician who knows everything about the human body, but you're probably a lousy healer..."
2:58 - Rita Chopra's question to teacher about Deepak's trip to India: "Where's the money going to come from?"
3:10 - He said "The money will come from wherever it is at the moment," and I never forgot that. =)
3:49 - "So Lynne, where's the money going to come from?" ^_^
4:15 - (Lynne) "The truth about money: It doesn't belong to us anyway...It either belongs to all of us or none of us."
4:29 - (Lynne) Flow of money - river/trickle - opportunity to reallocate toward the most good.
4:59 - (Deepak) Lynne's raised hundreds of millions of dollars over the years
5:10 - "It's important for activists to not be afraid of the whole money thing..."
5:34 - Non-profit sector (mislabeled) ...
6:07 - Real change in history has been in the "non" sector
6:19 - "So I call it 'The Social Profit Sector..." for all children of all species of all time..."
6:36 - "We are the Social Prophets"
6:50 - Money is there for that which we love
6:59 - Think about where money is going now - huge proportions of world's resources destruction depletion weaponry - none of that wants that
7:23 - We want $ moving toward that which we love which is...
7:30 - "Fundraising, I think, is a very important part of activism because it is that sacred work of reallocating the world's resources away from fear...and moving them towards love...Love is infinite. It regenerates."
7:53 - Nipun Mehta - Open Source internet revolution is based in trust. "We're all trustworthy. We're all worthy of having everything we need."
8:23 - "...and say 'the money that is out there, some of it belongs here; it needs to flow toward that which we love." (sacred work of fundraising)
8:57 - there's plenty of $ & time for what we need to do; "there's only now and that lasts forever"

Lynne Twist and Deepak Chopra
Summary Notes Part 2 of 4
0:49 - "There's only now, and that lasts forever..."
0:51 - "We have the opportunity and the privilege to reallocate the resources of the world away from fear towards love and that's a job of enormous privilege and incredible abundance and great joy."
1:11 - Deepak - 5,000 years humankind has been engaged in a "Dominant activity" each with a "Source of Wealth and Power"
1:46 - 1st Dominant Activity = hunter gatherers; therefore Source of Wealth/Power = that which helped hunt (weapons); some of us are still stuck there.
2:13 - 2nd Dominant Activity = agriculture; Source of Wealth/Power = products from earth
2:37 - 3rd Dominant Activity (which includes to lesser extent 1st and 2nd) 3rd = industry; source of wealth/power = machines, minerals, raw materials, oil
3:03 - 4th Dominant Activity = information; Source of Wealth/Power = microchip ("a piece of dust with information in it")
3:32 - 5th Dominant Activity: The 4th D.A. (Information) is moving toward 5th Dominant Activity = Knowledge ("...when information is context-bound it becomes knowledge..."); Source of Wealth/Power = knowledge
4:16 - 6th Dominant Activity (moving toward now) = Wisdom; 4:27 - Jonas Salk (explained) "The next phase of our evolution has to be meta-biological evolution..." (Source of Wealth/Power) = "Wisdom will be the criterion...We have survived because we are the fittest and now we are a permanently victorious species."
5:05 - Many other "permanently victorious species" which are now extinct; we are predator; most dangerous animal on planet
5:45 - Have ability to create age of wisdom = next stage of evolution
5:56 - difference between "wisdom" and "knowledge"
6:35 - even if thinking practically, you would say "the only way to harness both wealth and power in future would be through wisdom methodologies; wisdom = "...that which em compasses the well being of the total ecosystem..." which requires a shift (details given)
7:30 - "What Lynne is helping me realize is that if we do this in our own consciousness, sufficiency and abundance flows..."
7:45 - "It's a big responsibility for all of us to usher in or midwife this age of wisdom..."
8:00 - Deepak's notes from Lynne's book about how to live a life of sufficiency. ("Please share your points and if you don't remember what you said I have the notes...") =) (paraphrased)
8:26 - Principle of sufficiency. Prevailing climate of "thinking" (not wisdom) is one of scarcity...

Lynne Twist and Deepak Chopra
Summary Notes Part 3 of 4
0:50 - Lynne: (The prevailing climate of "thinking" (not wisdom) is one of scarcity) which sends us off in a direction we don't mean to go; we live live in the tyranny of a consumer culture
1:01 - Consumer (one who takes/uses) vs. citizen
1:20 - When you remove (mindset of) scarcity, you see that there is enough
1:38 - ♥Principle to Sufficiency: If you let go of trying to get more of what you don't' really need it frees up oceans of energy to pay attention to and make a difference with what you already have. When you make a difference with what you have, it expands in the nourishment of your attention, intention.♥
2:32 - "What you appreciate appreciates."
2:39 - When scrambling for more we don't notice/appreciate/nourish so that it grows what we have: (for example) our own qualities, our friends, our home, our garden...
2:58 - Critical to maintaining sufficiency is collaboration; scarcity breeds competition; sufficiency breeds collaboration
3:45 - (Deepak) So I heard this on Lynne's audio book and decided I was going to do this. So I went to my family and said this is what we're going to do.
4:06 - Practice #1 - Get the clutter out of your life. (Deepak reads notes from Lynne's book)
4:10 - Practice #2 - Don't buy unless you can let go of something.
4:28 - Practice #3 - Practice appreciation for what you already have.
4:33 - Practice #4 - Learn to value intangible gifts much more than tangible gifts. (appreciation attention affection love time energy relationships)
4:49 - Practice #5 - Nourish your body instead of filling it.
4:57 - Practice #6 - Whenever you spend money ask yourself how it is going to affect the world.
5:20 - This alliance as it moves forward and evolves could be the vanguard of creating a new economic system for the world based on sustainability instead of consumerism and really address the deeper causes of global instability because they are related in many ways to these gross imbalances.
5:50 - Gross imbalances which are...(details)
6:17 - So I committed myself to this and I'm asking all of us to begin to start rethinking our relationship to money and consumerism and start thinking in these terms so we can start to heal our total well being.
6:39 - >A call to Entrepreneurs< If I am going to be an entrepreneur in the Age of Wisdom then I am going to focus on well being. "When well being becomes the only source of wealth and power in the world, we will have reached the Age of Enlightenment.
7:17 - Lynne shares a metaphor: Caterpillars at a certain stage of their evolution become voracious eaters eating hundreds of times their own weight. At this time, something happens inside genetic material of caterpillar. "Imaginal cells" wake up. They start to cluster. These cells are in the minority but if enough of them cluster they become the genetic director for the caterpillars metamorphosis into a butterfly. The rest of the cells become the "nutritive soup..."

Lynne Twist and Deepak Chopra
Summary Notes Part 4 of 4
0:49 - "...(the other cells) become what's called the 'nutritive soup" out of which the imaginal cells create the absolute unpredictable outcome of what is called the butterfly.
1:01 - this meeting is a meeting of imaginal cells who found each other and are clustering (as in other places)
1:18 - it's our job to create the work of creating the absolute unpredictable miracle of a butterfly (age of enlightenment)
1:39 - Paul Hawkin spokesperson for "burgeoning message from civil society" largest movement in history of world no center; campesinos, indigenous people; people of wealth; people in povery
2:10 - ♥It's individuals turning their complaints into commitments and changing the world♥
2:15 - It's bigger than any super power; it's our "immune system" kicking in to heal political corruption economic degradation environmental disaster
3:33 - "We're the immune system of our species and I have full confidence that we will create that butterfly."
3:42 - (Deepak) Nothing more to add except that all the chaos, destruction, degradation, war, corruption -- that's the 'nutritive soup' being born of the dying carcass of the old paradigm.
3:07 - We are the imaginal cells. There are many imaginal cells all over the world and now we have the means to connect with each other and create that critical mass so that the butterfly can be born.
3:24 - ♡ Biology Fact: The genetic code that is responsible for the wings of the butterfly is also the same code for the beating of the human heart.♡ Nature discovered this genetic code 300 Million Years ago and she said to herself, 'I'm going to store it and one day I'll use for the human heart because that's where longing is, that's where our deepest yearning is, that's where love is that's where compassion is. And if we can make the human heart beat with longing, compassion, love and yearning we can give birth to a new butterfly."
4:14 - Rumi's poem: "When I die I will soar with the angels. But when I die to the angels, what I will become, you cannot imagine."

Conference produced by the
Mythic Imagination Institute

I'm not affiliated with anyone above. These notes are for my use but shared freely with others. I think I can easily edit if you do notice any mistakes. Thank you Lynne and Deepak and M.I.I. for this wonderful offering.

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