A Spontaneous Circle In London

Posted by Trishna Shah on Nov 5, 2014
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Ani, Jayeshbhai, Anarben, Upen, and Nimo gave us a beautiful surprise visit yesterday in London, a space that ended up being a profoundly memorable one!  As everyone offered warm embraces and infinite smiles to both Ariyana and Sareena, Jayeshbhai sang the inter-faith "Om tat sat" with Sareena in our balcony and pinned a heart-pin on her; Nimo (and everyone) chased Sareena around to fill her tickle tank which was "empty-ful" and when we sang "Grateful", Sareena sat in Nimo's lap looking like she was in a dream.  So many beautiful, small moments.  As we shared a closing prayer while holding hands, I felt deeply grateful for the many seeds of the past that made this afternoon possible -- and the many seeds that were planted today in the hearts of Ariyana and Sareena, which we promise to water and nurture in coming days, months and years.​  Thank you, all!


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Comments (2)

  • Amit Dungarani wrote ...

    with the type of seeds you have planted along with the strong cultivation, it is no surprise that moments like this have bloomed for you and the girls!

  • Alissa Hauser wrote ...

    I love how Nimo's smile is as big as the entire photo!