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Posted by Chris Johnnidis on Jul 27, 2014
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Last Friday, the 25th, was a momentous day in Philadelphia: Awakin Philly started up at Nandita's place! Felt like the perfect start with 3 of us sharing a cozy evening of silence, reflection and amazing home-cooked food. For one of us, it was even the first time ever meditating -- and for half and hour straight no less.

Conversation flowed effortlessly, starting with a brief reflection on how it was to sit in silence and stillness, then picking up on the rich 'story-teller' passage, as we communed and laughed (at ourselves) over our versions of our 'lanes' that can arouse our righteous story-tellers. With our bellies, hearts and minds quite satisfied by the end of the night, we noted the simple power of these circles: no agenda, no trying to change or fix or manipulate anything or anyone; just sharing truth as we see it, in kinship, with generous and embracing spirit. Beautiful thing.

If you're around Philly, or know folks around, feel free to spread the word -- next circle (every other week to start) will be Friday, August 8 at 7pm. (There should be an event page with more details up soon)

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Comments (2)

  • Ammi wrote ...

    I am headed to Philly this Wednesday, from San Francisco, and would love to connect.

  • Nandita Mandhani wrote ...

    That would be great! Would love to have you join us at the next circle on 8/8.