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Around the globe, so many people want to give and so many need the help, and yet our Tinder-ized intelligence is ill-equipped to pair them up. That's not because of a lack of content, but a lack of context. It is only when generosity graces our interactions that relationships deepen, trust increases and context blossoms. In such a field, our collective genius comes alive in a profoundly unique way.

Our Pod Platform is cultivating a resurgence of such context! In January pods, policymakers explored Power, elders engaged in a 21-day New Story challenge, activists practiced Metta, healers dived into Third Force. Already in February, we've completed a pod around Sacred Space, heart of animals, and are currently well into a month-long immersion on Laddership. It's been inspiring not just to see hundreds of folks engage so deeply, but to see dozens of alumni volunteering for new pods you'll see below.

Thank you for all your stories.




When about asked his superpower, Bruce Lee said, "Be water -- take the shape of the container you're in." In designing our personal or social lives, or even systems, what if we asked: what would water do? What does it mean to have a fluid mind? What structures and patterns facilitate flow? Join for a unique, 7-day pod with Richard Whittaker, around water.

What Would Water Do?


"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire," William Yeats once wrote. What does it mean to ignite that intrinsic motivation in our classrooms, particularly with the increased adoption of online courses? If we ultimately teach who are, who must we be to create a compassionate classroom? How do we transform the broadcast model of teaching to a co-creative "many to many" model?

Compassionate Classrooms Pod


Buddha classified four specific virtues as boundless -- kindness, equanimity, joy and compassion. To reach that potential, though, requires crossing its subtle "near enemies". By popular demand, two monks (Jin Chuan and Jin Wei) are offering this pod for the third time!

Four Fearless Hearts Pod


Ever found yourself contemplating on how might your "livelihood" support your wellbeing and also be a tool for contributing positively to the society? Ever wondered how you may integrate your work life more deeply with values? Join some inspired folks from the corporate world for this much needed exploration.

Business + Values Pod




Recent Awakin Calls featured Aqeela Sherrills' uncommon insights into transforming urban war zones as a heart-centered activist; Parvathy Baul's deep-dive into her profound "honey gathering" tradition of music; Don Berwick on his 30 years of experience in health-care. Explore the archives.

Coming up: a conversation with James O'dea and Nipun Mehta. From front-line activism in violent conflict zones to leading organizations like Amnesty International, Seva Foundation and IONS to authoring several books and writing the foreword to pioneering books like Untethered Soul, James is a mystic activist. In dialogue with Nipun, they will discuss the bridge of conscious activism and active consciousness. James writes, "Today stress denotes something negative but hundred years ago, it was neutral. For the poet, stress is language, for the composer, stress is musical notes. Stress is just the channeling of energy in a particular direction."




Despite the pandemic, Awakin Circles continue on. In a recent Santa Clara circle, Theresa shared a compelling encounter:

One time, I was giving a presentation to a bunch of strangers, and power went out. The hall went pitch black, I was red from embarassment. Without light or working microphone, I didn't know what to do. Somehow, I decided to continue my speech. It was really ridiculous, to speak in crowded, dark room without any windows, but I kept going. Then, all of a sudden, a man in the back put up his phone, and turned on his flashlight. Two more people. Three. Then, the whole audience of people come on, and everyone was shining their light of their phone on us. It lit up the whole hall. It was the most beautiful scene -- a feeling that we're all in this together. That it's not anyone's fault, we're just all here, and we're all supporting each other. The most beautiful feeling of love from strangers I've ever experienced.

Thank you, each one of you, for adding your light to the whole.


ServiceSpace is a unique incubator of volunteer-run projects that nurture a culture of generosity. We believe that small acts of service can nurture a profound inner transformation that sustains external impact. To get involved, you can subscribe to our newsletters or create an account and complete our 3-step process to volunteer.