Reconnect with Yourself: Half-Day Morning Retreat

Jan 22, 2022 10:30 AM

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” ~ Maya Angelou

As one year concludes and we embark on the journey into a new one, it's the perfect time to take a pause and reflect.  Time to slow down and remember the joyful memories from 2021, while letting go of what you don't want to take into the new year.  Time to seed your vision, wish or dreams for 2022.

We invite you to join a virtual half-day Reconnect With Yourself Retreat on the morning of Saturday, Jan 22nd (10:30am-12:30pm)!  We've got a full line-up including a beautiful guided meditation, heartful sharing circles and time for creative expression! Collective sharing offers a beautiful opportunity to go deeper into our hearts with noble friends, while also encouraging each of us to be more accountable to ourselves. 

Ahead of this retreat, we invite you to explore this beautiful YearCompass 2021 | 2022 booklet offered as a gift by friends in Hungary. The questions range from playful to thoughtful, are equally deep and broad in nature and include a spectrum from joyful and positive elements of our year to the more challenging experiences and what we learned from them.  Having a date in the diary may be just the nudge we need to take the time to reflect on the questions offered in this amazing booklet! :)

And remember, you can feel free to go through the booklet at your own pace, skipping questions that don't resonate, spending more time on others you like.  You can print it out to fill it by hand or type up your reflections on the fillable PDF.  There are no rules, so let go of your expectations and enjoy the journey :)

We look forward to seeing you on Jan 22nd for a beautiful morning retreat to start off the new year!

With love and gratitude

Your UK Awakin Hosts
(Ani, Mita, Vicky, Ewa and Trishna)
HOST:Trishna Shah

Sorry, this event is now closed.