Song At Awakin: Door Of My Heart

Posted by Mark Peters on May 17, 2020
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Couple Awakin Circles back, I mentioned a story from India. It featured a young woman from Austria, now living in Salt Lake City. The Wednesday after that, Jordyn actually joined our circle. At the tail end of that circle, the hosts discovered that she sings! And lo and behold, last week, she closed our circle with a song offering -- while I played on thumb-paino, that she had gifted me a long while back. Many asked for the recording, so here it is:

It's a song by the great sage, Paramhansa Yogananda, titled 'Door of my Heart'.

Door of my heart, open wide I keep for Thee.
Wilt Thou come, wilt Thou come? Just for once, come to me?
Will my days fly away without seeing Thee, my Lord?
Night and day, night and day, I look for Thee night and day.

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Comments (5)

  • Neelam Mandhani wrote ...

    Amazingly soothing to my heart !
    Thank you 💕🙏

  • Sunil Mor wrote ...

    An earnest longing with a conscious -subconscious mind- heart- soul makes a difference. "कौन कहता है की भगवान आते नहीं आप मीरा के जैसे बुलाते नहीं।"

  • Rohit Rajgarhia wrote ...

    This is super beautiful..Many many thanks to Jordyn, Mark and the entire circle. Greetings and gratitude from Ranchi in India, where he established the first ashram to share the knowledge...Doors of our heart and house are open if any of you some day decide to visit...:)

    At the entrance of the temple room in the ashram are inscribed the following words "Only love can take my place" :)

  • Anuj Pandey wrote ...

    Dear Mark & Jordyn,

    Thank you for singing and sharing this beautiful poem. It strikes a deep chord and your voice adds to the invitation of keeping our hearts open. Keep on singing :). In the same spirit of "opening up the heart" here is a Hindi version/translation of the poem. Originally this was a Bengali poem -

    Mere hridaya ka dwar,
    khula maine rahkna hai.

    Aao hari, aajao hari,
    bass ek bar aao hari.

    Kya mere din beetein ge,
    bina tumhare darshan ke,

    raat aur din, raat au din,
    dhoondhe tumhe aankhein meri.

  • Kiran Ladwa wrote ...

    Very sweet voice and the thumb- piano seemed a perfect accompaniment. Thank you Mark for sharing it here. 🙏🏻:) Thanks to others comments. It was nice reading them all.