When The Wind Stopped: Landing At The Foot Of A
--Preeta Bansal
May 1, 2020


What happens when a flowing stream comprised of space holders from multiple continents, each bearing their own questions, are transported to the foot of Mount Malloy, by the wind -- as guided by the skilled hand at the tiller of Pavithra, a wooden canoe? The answer is beautiful poetry! The PDF here is an assortment of the questions our group silently shared during the "Power of Questions" call, woven alongside John's unfolding wisdom:

[download here]

As shared in our follow-up note, who knew virtual could be so virtue-full? Truth be told we are still deliciously bewildered by it all -- John included :) This was an experimental call in many respects. And it went marvelously because all were patient, deeply present, and held space pristinely. Participants joined us from Austria, India, France, England, the Philippines, from the California Coast to NY Island and dozens of places in between. 11 of the group stepped forward into a circle of trust -- the rest of us stood around, invisible witnesses, listening to a timeless story in which each were unexpectedly implicated.

Bearing silent witness were teachers, and grandparents, writers, and doctors, techies, social entrepreneurs, singers, gardeners, dancers and more. We watched as a former CIA officer, and a frontline healthcare worker blessed the gathering with their tears. We watched a mother living with terminal cancer find joy in the midst of not-knowing. We watched a tender artist blow invisible stardust from the palm of her hand. And we watched a series of quiet, brave, unscripted exchanges take place between these eleven beings, that somehow shifted the river beneath us. Left us sitting in a deeper flow than the one we'd started out in. And isn't that the point of these circles?

A recording of the call is available here. The first 15 minutes are missing, but will be spliced in later thanks to Rajesh and Anne's filming of John.

Check out people's eloquent shares on "What Stayed With You from the Circle? and more in the google doc. That and so much else on this call was only possible because of the willingness of so many heads, hearts, and hands -- visible and invisible.

May we each tune into that which whispers to us beneath the wind.


Posted by Preeta Bansal on May 1, 2020

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