A Mystical Line-Up

Posted by Bonnie Rose on Apr 19, 2020
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I'm the minister of a church in Ventura California. Like most churches, we are currently live-streaming our services and posting on YouTube. The government mandate says we can only have 7 people in our large sanctuary on Sundays and that is pretty strange!!

Two congregants, Brian and Shelly have a company called All Blown Up. They make life size cut outs of "stand-ins" for people. Shelly was also the subject of an Awakin Call. With Annette, our Office Manager's help, they created life size images of some of my favorite spiritual teachers and placed them in our choir area: Moses, Jesus, Ganesh, Krishna, Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Mr Rogers, Richard Rohr, Yoda, etc.... And one of my favorites - Nipun Mehta, in the front row, between Martin Luther King and Joni Mitchell. It was a great way to ripple loving kindness into the community and beyond. ServiceSpace has had such a profound influence on our community -- so I wanted to share. Love to all - Bonnie

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Comments (6)

  • Nipun Mehta wrote ...

    hahahha -- that is classic, Bonnie! Your creativity is par none. :) Sending love to the (virtual and local) Ventura family.

  • Stephanie Nash wrote ...

    Oh, that is beyond wonderful!! How fun!!! Thank you for sharing this, I love when we get creative with all thatโ€™s going on. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Ashima Goyal wrote ...

    Brought a huge smile :-)

  • Ariel Nessel wrote ...

    Now that is a church service which would attract more attendees than a Taylor Swift concert!

  • Kishan Laddha wrote ...

    Bonnie ji :) That's super creative, you got a whole gang together, before reading this post, I glimpsed on this pic. It felt as if it was an Orchestra with incredible musicians, performing on your tunes! On reading the post, realizing you are channelizing and finetuning the virtues through Ventura :) Gratitude

  • Jane Fryda wrote ...

    This is amazing! The communion of saints is a powerful concept for me in ministry. This creates a visible communion of saints. I might add my grandmothers if I were to do something similar.