How Humans Trust Each Other

Posted by Pragalbha Doshi on Jul 1, 2019
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Last weekend, our family went to volunteer and spread smiles at a local conference. My 13-year-old son, Sanved, shared more details about his experience doing random acts of kindness there -- which I found really interesting:

Today I participated in the sharing festival at the After Mindfulness Urban Retreat in Berkeley. I had the most hilarious experience I have ever had.

In the beginning, I was just giving out the heart pins. People loved this and thought it was very cool. Then, after lunch, I started giving away the granola bars with positive messages of kindness attached to them.

That's when I learned how little, humans trust each other.

At first, when I was offering the bars to people, they would say no because they thought they would have to pay money for it. When I then told them that it was free, they very willingly wanted to take one. Some people even came and asked me for one after seeing this.

On the other hand, there were some people that just didn't trust it because it was free. They were suspicious. One person that I specifically remember asked her friend, as I was walking away, "Is there something wrong with this bar or something? Why is he giving it for free?"

Her friend just laughed and said, "He's just being very nice."

This shocked me because I didn't think that people would react this way. In the end, it was a very unique experience just seeing how people reacted to stuff given freely.

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