Spreading Kindness With 'Hearts'

Posted by Meghna Banker on Nov 21, 2016
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We are beaming wide smiles on reading this beautiful note from someone who received heart pins through WisdomCrafts a few days ago. She wished to celebrate her 24th birthday (on November 24th) by pinning hearts to all who crossed paths with her. It is so beautiful to see the kindness rippling out through her while the gifts just act as tools to connect hearts :))

"My heart-felt gratitude to you, and the team for sending such a lovely package to me! Everything was beyond perfect! The badges were incredible, and I loved the additional thoughtful gifts of the heart pendant chain, key chains, and such a beautiful pillowcase. My favorite though was the hand-made greeting card! I am a big fan of hand-written notes, and nothing could have made me more happier! Thank you so much again! :)

As for the pins themselves, I cannot tell you how magical it has been to distribute them. I posted a picture of myself with the pins on October 30th 2016 - 24 days before my 24th birthday on November 24th, and announced to my family & friends that I will be giving away the pins to everyone I meet in the coming 24 days, and I also added details about the organization on the picture caption. I have attached the picture. Following that, I had overwhelming responses from everyone I know asking me to save pins for them.

I also gave the pins to strangers I met everyday including taxi drivers, watchmen, kids on the road, and just every beautiful soul that crossed my path. Each pin was received with so much joy, smiles, big hugs and comments of days being made. I have so many incredible stories but I think I'll pick two of my favorite experiences and share them with you here.

1) I traveled to the States for business trip in the last two weeks. I was at Mesa, Arizona, when the USA Election results were released. Not everyone was happy with it, and many were scared of the social implications it would have on the community that already seem divided out of hatred. I was at my hotel lobby, and I met this lovely lady, who was all frenzied, and very worried about the same. I went up to her, exchanged courtesies, and gave her a pin. She was so moved, was almost in tears, gave me a big hug, and said that this is what the world needs more of - belief in love & oneness - especially now. I'll never forget that moment where the impact of what I was doing was so palpable, and beautiful!

2) While I was Seattle on the same trip, I gave the badges to lovely ladies at the reception of my hotel. They were so full of love and appreciation again, and immediately wore the hearts with so much happiness. Seeing them wear the pins, I had people come find me, and ask me for the pins! It was absolutely incredible to see people seek out love & smiles!

With many more such happy stories, I am so glad to say that I have successfully completed distributing all the pins I had! I hope that the love ripples out multifold. Of all the years I have been on this wonderful planet, I know only one fact - whatever the question is, the answer is love. I do hope that all the goodness always gets bigger in this world, and I am happy to say that I am a small part of a big, grand silent movement.

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  • Trishna Shah wrote ...

    LOVE the ripples that these heart pins have set in motion around the world, again and again :)