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--Deven P-Shah
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May 18, 2019

Awakin Call with Jeremy Lent
The conversation between our Awakin Call guest Jeremy Lent, moderator Terry, and anchoring host Pavi showed me a very simple and yet profound way to interpret and relate to the world that I live in.

I got so many nurturing vibes in the paradigm of striking harmony with all that is around me.

I feel so energized by simple ideas I can implement today to be part of the change that seem so nurturing, healing and deeply meaningful.

Here are ripples from the call as they resonated with me.

When Preeta emailed me introduction for Jeremy, the theme of "Patterning Instinct" intrigued me. Patterns we identify from the history give meaning to our lives, to our very existence; these patterns drive our values dictating what we accept and adopt as cultural norms.

The insight that left an impression on me is about the shift in pattern that started about 500 or so years ago.

What was this pattern shift?

We humans lived in harmony with nature for thousands of years. We found meaning in our connections with the ecosystem around us. However, over several hundreds years of recent history, we have started separating ourselves from the rest of universe as if it is a resource for us to consume. The meaning to everything in the world has been pursued using intellectual logic, rather than it being experienced using inner collective consciousness. That has put us on the path to "conquer" everything in the universe for maximizing our immediate material advantage.

What is the impact from this pattern?

One: We humans are destroying other species, other elements of ecosystem, and that may not be sustainable for long.

Two: It is causing disharmony among ourselves (humans).

Three: People are more isolated than ever in this chase of maximizing material gains.

What is the answer?

The conversation on the call touched on a range of ideas and nuances. What seemed to me as the core essence of these is the idea of thinking of us as an integral part of the universe, of identifying with that collective synergy we are (or we are part of) rather than separating ourselves from it.

Awakin Call with Jeremy Lent

Terry guided the conversation stringing together very well thought out questions, and I felt so juiced up learning from Jeremy about his journey. How fascinating to see a kid that wanted to be a "hippie" while growing up in England, to how he made it in the corporate America as an entrepreneur, and then how events in personal life and family led him to prob deeper inside for meaning of life.

I felt so inspired to hear from Jeremy how he wanted to find out meaning of life for himself by diving deeper in to a range of ideas, cultures and scriptures, distilling his own insights from that, and in the process ... tuning in and listening to the voice from inside.

The audio recording and full transcript of the conversation is accessible from our Awakin Call page for Jeremy Lent.

What do I take away from the call? What are my thoughts while trying to relate to the conversation?

The idea of us being connected with all that is around us is reinforced yet again. Einstein's message on widening our circle of compassion to all living beings and all of nature emerged for me while listening to the conversation. I vividly remember Awakin Call with Elisabet Sahtoris and her message to strike harmony with ecosystem rather than thinking of it as an enviromental resource.

Gratefully, thankfully ... I got chance to ask the question to Jeremy: I am in middle of the time and world where people might be chasing material things, capitalist economic principles can be driving people to maximize personal gains, people are probably getting even more isolated. What can I do here and today with what I might have to shift the pattern back to connectivity?

Jeremy's answer gave me hope, vibrant energy and empowering encouragement:
  • Cultivate mindset for reflection, combine that with may be meditative movements like tai chi or qi gong. While going through it all, I can identify disharmony around me, in my immediate circles. Start with that, see how I can bring harmony to those. That can be the start to the change I want to see in the world.
  • Another part of Jeremy's answer brought me right back in the neck of our woods: "Kindness - it is so underrated. It can bring so many benefits to you personally. It is so powerful."

That is my takeaway from the call. REFLECT, observe my own thoughts and emotions about all that is around me. Find reasons to SMILE AND GIVE... :)


> Awakin Call with Jeremy Lent: Patterning Instinct


Posted by Deven P-Shah on May 18, 2019