Bayarea: Awakin Teens (+ Gandhi Today, Thousand RSVPs,
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Feb 25, 2019

Happy end-of-February!

Last month, we had an overflowing "New Story" retreat that Andy recounted as, "Tea leaves don't instantly flavor the surrounding water but do so over time. I've now been flavored by this community's generosity, love, consciousness and kindness-filled spirit at an even deeper level." One of the speakers, Brian Conroy, eloquently described our time together: Living the New Story.

As we head into Spring, a few things to look forward to...

March 10th is the first Awakin Teens Circle! As these things flow, three folks who carpooled to the last Banyan Grove retreat happened to all be parents of teens -- and have now teamed up to host our first teenager gathering in San Jose! If you've got a teen in the family, or just enjoy story-telling, you can learn more about Awakin Teens Circle.

April Retreat: "Is Gandhi Relevant Today?" We are hosting a 2-day retreat in West Marin on April 6-7, with an 83-year-old Gandhian legend -- Arun Dada, who spent about 40 years of his life with Vinoba! His stories are uplifting beyond measure, and his life even more so. It is a tremendous honor to host his first-ever visit to the US. Combined with other stellar guests from our ecosystem, we are slated for a profound dialogue on the untapped power of nonviolence in our times. Learn more/RSVP.

Last but not least, Diana and Coleman have invited us to not just present but also as a partner for a global conference on "After Mindfulness" -- at UCB's Zellerbach Hall, in late June. In particular, they are keen to create a gift-hearted Festival of Sharing, that we think of as a community of Karma Kitchens! If you've got a gift to offer to the public, or just want to volunteer, you can sign-up to join in the fun!

Over the last two Saturdays, we've had close to a thousand people RSVP for our Awakin Calls! What gives, you wonder? Probably because it was Alan Wallace and Parker Palmer. Terry Patten cited this insight from Parker, as one of his highlights:
As a depressed person, people approached me as though I had a contagious disease, which created “drive-by” advice or help. I was most powerfully helped by a man who visited regularly and massaged my feet faithfully, gently and respectfully.

In the spirit "no exit" service,

ServiceSpace Volunteers

P.S. For bonus inspiration, watch this 2-minute video of a 9-year-old practicing kindness!


Posted by ServiceSpace on Feb 25, 2019