Festival of Sharing @ UC Berkeley

WHEN: June 29, 2019, 10AM to 5PM
WHAT: UC Berkeley's prestigious Zellerbach auditorium is home to an uncommon retreat on June 29-30, 2019. Dubbed "After Mindfulness: Urban Retreat", this gathering brings together world-renowned monks and nuns like Ajahn Brahm and Ven. Karma Lekshe, features a concert by Malaysian musician Imee Ooi, who has published more than 50 albums of sacred chants; and builds bridges across many local groups via an innovative "Festival of Sharing." Moreover, it is designed to continue as a movement well after the conference ends.

Originally, ServiceSpace was invited to offer a presentation at the event; but as the organizers learned more about our organizing principles, they became enthralled with the idea of spreading that culture of a non-commercial spirit of service throughout their conference. We invited them to move from legal contracts to trust in friendship, and they ditched the contract for all speakers. We invited them to explore inclusive ticketing, and they have whole heartedly embraced 'alternate forms of currency.' And in the vein of Karma Kitchen, they are now keen to host a "Festival of Sharing" that nurtures a shift from transaction to trust. So now, we're partnering with them, to support that intent for 1500 people expected at the conference and nurture ripples in our greater kindred-hearted community.

To join in the fun, here's two immediate ways ... 
  • Offer a Service: if you'd like to explore sharing a service (like accupuncture, or peace chains, a "free-listening" booth for story sharing, or a lemonade stand) in the spirit of gift, please let us know. They have gifted some booths for the Karma Kitchen-style "Festival of Sharing" specifically for this purpose.
  • Volunteer: to help support the broader dialogue of promoting meditation and the "After Mindfulness" intent of integrating spiritual values into our modern context, you could sign up to volunteer in one of many ways.
If of interest to engage in one of these ways, sign up below with your email address, and we'll send you some details as a follow-up.         
WHERE:Berkeley, CA
HOST:Audrey Lin