Awakening RAK  - Jan 2019

Posted by Pooja Zaveri on Feb 17, 2019
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We welcomed th New Year in style and had a great awaking circle sessions all round the year and looking forward to many more such circles in 2019. Our session for Jan 2019 was on Jan 25 2019 and was a very welcoming one.

We had our one hour of silence and we were all able to sit in Silence in a very calm manner. We had the passage reading which was My Word of the Year by Nancy Gibbs and it was the word "LISTEN". Often we all come across many situations we were do not listen and start talking without even appreciating when the person wants us to listen.

A key aspect of listening is to listen silently and be empathetic towards the person who is speaking ,understand and allow the person to speak. The word LISTEN also has in itself the word SILENT.

We had lots of discussions and then the day was called off with a hot home cooked meal by the host. As the weather was lovely, we enjoy having the meal under the stars!!!

Till Next time, keep smilin!!

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