Bayarea: News About Karma Kitchen (+ Stories And HHH
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Oct 31, 2018

Thank you for so many palpable events with Sister Lucy last week! While we were certainly left inspired, she also left feeling so grateful for all your friendships. Here are a few photos, and a roundup of her remarkable stories.

Some upcoming local events in the BayArea ...

In Berkeley, Karma Kitchen is now officially on retreat. New ownership at the restaurant has opted not to continue our experiment, so we'll be looking for a new home (as the KK beat continues on around the globe -- most recently in Warsaw!) Or perhaps we'll experiment locally in a new direction. Would love to hear your ideas.

On Saturday Nov 10th, we are super excited to pilot a day-long Hands, Head, Heart retreat! One of the H's will be anchored by Audrey Lin, another by Preeta Bansal and third by Nipun Mehta -- but exactly which H is a mystery, even to us. :) RSVP here.

Awakin Circles continue on every week. Tuesdays in Marin, Wednesdays in Santa Clara, and Fridays in Oakland, and monthly circle at Banyan Grove (Nov 4th) too! Similarly, there's weekly Awakin Calls -- and coming up is a riveting conversation with a former CIA staff in Iraq turned peace activist in the Middle East: Seeing Other as a Brother.

What a gift to be brought together by shared values. During a car-ride, Sister Lucy shared a beautiful story of a friend who lovingly sent some brand new toys for her kids. When that same person later visited, she wondered, "How come the kids aren't using the toys?" Sister Lucy kindly explained, "They don't need too many toys here, because they have each other." Indeed, life seems a lot lighter and joyous when we are held by noble friendships.

Grateful that we have each other ...

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