First Karma Kitchen In Warsaw!
--Jasky Sor
2 minute read
Oct 15, 2018


What a gift to be at the second Karma Kitchen in Poland! One year after our amazing KK in Krakow, Nipun came back to Poland offering his support in Warsaw.

Even before the Opening Circle, the volunteers’ enthusiasm can be felt. As we entered the restaurant we already found Isabella vacuuming and welcoming us with her wide smile - which stays on her face all day long. :)

As the restaurant opened up, the spirit of generosity was contagious -- Iwona being unstoppable, serving in her big-hearted way, Halinka welcoming all our guest with joy, Maja orchestrating the coffee and drinks (lemonade-cucumber!), Victoria showing great sense of care in everything she did, Natallia quietly filling all the gaps, Piotr offering his stillness and being like an anchor for many of us, Nithy being the maestro of the day, saving all the orders on computer in Polish (he doesn’t even speak Polish!), Edwin showing inspiring humility in all his actions (running out of tomatoes, he was the invisible savior of our Italian restaurant), Nipun effortlessly connecting and according with many guests, awakening their inner potentials, and Jin Wei's invisible laddering (from across the ocean!).

The great generosity of Eliza, Tomasz and others musicians can be heard in their performance. One guest, touched by a moment when all the volunteers sang "Happy Birthday" in Polish, went to hug everyone in the restaurant (even the other guest!). This amazing ecosystem offers us meaningful micro-moments of giving, gratitude and transformation.

Meanwhile, a wonderful lady (employee of the restaurant) silently worked alone in the back, washing dishes and utensils, which gradually and rapidly accumulated. Despite the workload she kept smiling as we brought her dishes. Her inner strength was truly inspiring!

After the closing circle, even after 9 hours of service, everyone radiates the light of joy on his/her face.

Whether it is serving or experiencing generosity, Karma Kitchen is really an expedient means to unfold the best of each of us, and to uncover our inner potential.

My gratitude is beyond words… Paying-it-forward will be the best way to express it.


Posted by Jasky Sor on Oct 15, 2018