Awakin RAK - Sept 2018

Posted by Pooja Zaveri on Oct 10, 2018
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Our RAK Awakin Circle for the month of September was full of enthusiasm and marvelous. It began with the one hour of session of silence which was very welcoming.

We had the passage reading from the Awakin Reading - The World Mirrors The Soul And The Soul Mirrors The World by Alan Watts.

My perception was that human state of mind indeed reflects the facts in the world around and there can be no separation between the external world and the internal world that our minds are surrounded with.

I would like to quote from Swami Vivekananda had stated in his work delivered in the year 1896 – The Free Soul – “ You cannot see your own face except in a mirror, and so the Self cannot see Its own nature until It is reflected, and this whole universe therefore is the Self trying to realize Itself. The perfect man is the highest reflection of that Being who is both subject and object. The mind is, as it were, the reflecting mirror of the soul. My mind reflects to a certain extent the powers of my soul; so your soul, and so everyone's. That mirror which is clearer reflects the soul better”. These are so apt words to summarize the passage thoughts which were shared.

We had lots of positive discussion , picture session and soul enriching experiences were shared.

At the end of the session, we had our lovely home cooked meal with lots of compassion and love for all.

Until then, Keep Smilin!!

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