Awakin RAK - Aug 2018

Posted by Pooja Zaveri on Sep 11, 2018
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We had our monthly Awakening Circle - August Session on the 30th of the month and it was splendid. We had our one hour of our silence session and then we moved on the passage reading which was Fueled By Love by Timber Hawkeve dtd Aug 20-2018,

It was a passage that filled our heart with lots of thoughts on how we can learn to show our compassion and love for everyone irrespective of who the person is .

We shared our reflections for the passage and many ideas sprang up and we were able to relate it to all. Even though we cannot control what people think about us but when they get angry or hate us , we surely can comprehend and see them from the angle of "love".

As the passage and some reflections that I read makes me understand that we need not take anything personally at an given point of time but rather appreciate the viewpoint at that time and if in doubt clarify at that present moment itself. This will awaken the soul with lots of love and compassion.

We closed the session with the host serving us lovely dinner which was fuelled with lots of gratitude and love as always.

Till we meet again, as we parted, Keep Smilin!!

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