Banyan Grove: Grace On Sunday (+ Nimo, Tea Ceremony!)
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Apr 13, 2018

Dear Friends,

We're excited to host a few special events at Banyan Grove in the upcoming weeks ...
This Sunday, April 15th @ 2PM, we're thrilled to welcome Grace Dammann & filmmakers for our first film screening in our recently constructed "zendo"! If you don't know Grace, she's a humorous, wise zen practitioner, wheelchair bound doctor, Dalai Lama honoree, and beyond. RSVP here.

Next Sunday, April 22nd @4:30PM, Nimo's here! We'll circle up around meditation, sharing, and songs. RSVP here.

On May 6th @2PM, Xiao is hosting a Tea Ceremony with Buddhist nun, Mu Deng, from China. RSVP here. And after soaking in the tea, we'll flow into our monthly 4PMAwakin Circle that same day -- perhaps with some stories from Mu Deng. :)

We've also upgraded our website with tidbits, photos (including our first black-and-white pic!), upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and more. :)

Last month, we had a very uplifting zendo inauguration with Ada and Nathan's music. The following day, more than 15 of us spent the day in meditation, as a ripple from California to India to Marin spontaneously flowed through us: Easter Bowing

Our resident anchor, Fab, summed it up best: "You just never know where the ripples will go, or how long they will last. Actually, I do know. They really do extend as far as the mind can reach, and last as long as kindred friends keep those connections going. Thank you, everyone, for your immeasurable inspiration and instigation, giving my life meaning beyond imagination. Deep Bows."

With Deep Bows,


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