Heart Felt Investing :)
--Bonnie Rose
2 minute read
Mar 21, 2018


Recently, our congregation has started a sewing circle -- to stitch heart pins. :) I am so very grateful to the women of Wisdom Crafts and beloved Meghna, who have provided us with such a tender display of skill and goodwill.

I really have not had an opportunity to go into depth about what the hearts mean to us. I did a sermon on them the other day, telling the story behind the hearts. People were so touched by the generous presence in India. We loved how you took a challenging situation and found reconciliation in the face of potential despair. Simply amazing.

What I hope I conveyed in my sermon, and what I hope to convey here is that I am finding that the hearts are not just hearts. They are ways of seeing others. They are a means by which we can invest in priceless values. For example, I gave hearts to the baristas at my local Starbucks. I sent a note of appreciation with them. From their responses, it seems like they felt seen, heard, and held by the gesture of offering hearts from India.

I also wanted to share that your hearts have helped me understand “Priceless Pricing.” This is a concept we introduced into our Center last September. We used to charge for the classes we teach; now we invite people to meditate on the priceless nature of spiritual wisdom and offer accordingly.

As I give away hearts, I invest in the priceless. Because of the hearts, I can help people see that even giving away money as a form of capital does not have to be based in need or obligation. It can be, with the right intention, an investment in the Priceless Values that offer true transformation. I find this fascinating as it both strips money of its power and raises it to a holy form of currency.

You all are amazing. Thank you so much for all you’ve given me.

Posted by Bonnie Rose on Mar 21, 2018