Austria Ripples: Awakin Eisenstadt!
--Kathrin Pachinger
1 minute read
Nov 24, 2017


Inspired by the beautiful evening in Vienna, we've started an Awakin Circle in Eisenstadt! Eisenstadt is a town (50 min drive away from Vienna) close to the Hungarian border.

I´m very grateful to organize it every Thursday at 6pm in an apartment, and sometimes in a small restaurant. We are keeping the weekly Awakin rhythm, and have been doing it for over a month already. It´s wonderful to see new people coming and what happens after sitting together in silence.

Last time, Gucki, a 73 year old woman, started to talk about her incredible life story. Nobody of us had ever asked her before about her experiences and we ended up sitting for 1.5 hours listing to her. It was very inspiring. :)


Posted by Kathrin Pachinger on Nov 24, 2017

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