Language Of Love As I Cross The ...

Posted by Sheetal Vaidya on May 20, 2014
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Language of love As I cross the boarder of Maharashtra and enter Karnataka state the language changed. All sign boards became alien. As i drove, I had to ask for directions to a place, i stop by at a small village and ask a shopkeeper with fear in my mind that neither of us will understand what the other is saying, I do a silent prayer for help and with all gestures and few words tried explaining my bit. The guy smiles at first...nods his head in "no" to what i said but then looking at my pained face comes out of the shop and starts to show me the way. Where he points to right and says 'straight" and makes sure i understood it. One conversation that took away my fear that language will be a barrier in my Bhav yatra. I immediately got the universal message, we can also show paths through language of love.

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