Jai Jagat As A Way Of Life! :-)
--Pancho Ramos Stierle
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Aug 19, 2013

Love to open my inbox on Mondays and feel the stream of love coming from the ServiceSpace ecosystem :-) There are so many precious stars of love! In particular I was reminded of our planetary movement of radical generosity/love by this email from hermano Nimoji:

   "Jayesbhai was excited to share with you the pictures below...

   The location where the Earth flag has been placed, is where we walk down the stairs from the Moved By Love office in Safai Vidyala, Ishwar Dada's home base :)))

   Lots of love from this part of the Planet!!!!!!!!!

Now, as you can tell, the Earth flag has additional beauty and inspiration in white characters both in English and Hindi. With the help of some behind-the-scenes love magicians, I was able to illuminate my ignorance with these rays of love. This is what it reads:

   love globally, learn locally
   serve selflessly, share effortlessly

   jagat se dosti: friendship with the World
   jagat se dosti: friendship with yourself
   jagdish se dosti: friendship with the Universal Love/God/Dharma
   maitri: loving-kindness/metta/compassion

Jai Jagat! is not a slogan or mantram is a way of life! BAAMplex! ;-)


Posted by Pancho Ramos Stierle on Aug 19, 2013

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