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Editor's Note: This month, check out a "trash to toys" educator who claims that we do not learn to create but learn from creating. Also meet Aika, who would have been 39 years this year but instead preferred to become a legend by leaving behind a cartoon book that is changing the hearts of kids around the world since early nineties. --Ragu & Nisha

Fun With Seeds

Introducing Arvind Gupta, for those who already don't know him. He is one of the most innovative and committed educator from India.  He stated that he "placed more faith in small positive action than empty rhetoric." A sample testimonial to that is what he did with the seeds after eating fruits. Do explore his other million gifts after enjoying how he literally transforms seeds.

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Secrets of the Earth: From a 12 year old

She was just an ordinary girl who cared for the environment. But Aika Tsubota, who died in 1991 at age 12, has captured the hearts of children and adults with her environmental cartoon book now printed in several different languages... Aika’s cartoons, now entitled Secrets of the Earth, were created over a two-month period to fulfill an assignment from her homeroom to somehow present environmental issues so clearly that even first-graders can understand.The book has been translated into English, Chinese, Arabic, French and Korean, and distributed to more than 4,000 young people around the world through various meetings on the environment.

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Be The Change Idea

Make something today with whatever is around you. If it is not good, throw it away. But make something again tomorrow. Every day. It's a way to remake ourselves. For some guidance, talk to pre-teen kids about whatever bothers you. They have a way of seeing truth that is uncluttered.