Change Yourself, Change the World.
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Editor's Note: What happens when your design motive is not profit but beauty, relationship and care? Ralph Ammer points to the responsibilities of discerning designers. Would you rather have leftover food or left over friends? A new food sharing revolution is shaping in many places. --Ragu & Nisha

Pick a craft and make beautiful stuff!

The design of profitable digital products and services can limit your world view to an extremely narrow perspective... most of today’s digital products and services are driven by consumption and the promise of comfort. Based on the problematic idea of infinite growth, many of them ruin our living environment, damage our social cohesion (how come “disruptive” has become a positive term?), dumb us down and confuse us while things around us get “smarter”.

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No Food Left Behind

Around the world, a new wave of low-impact supermarkets are ripping up the rule book, encouraging us to rethink how we consume products and engage with our local public spaces. The pioneers behind these grassroots enterprises are seeking a new economic model, one that champions community, embraces the environment and swaps mindless consumerism for kindness and compassion.

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Be The Change Idea

Create something beautiful. Check these postcards for inspiration. Try this free food sharing app and discover friends you've not yet met.