Change Yourself, Change the World.
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Editor's Note: July's newsletter takes us on a journey into love: how our alumni hold the space for it to arise in missions, inquiries and in the simple acts that seem to be its hidden doors. --Jane

How Can I More Fully Love?

Lara Galinsky reflects on her laddership experience and her elegant transition from being mission driven to the wide open spaces of deep honesty, deep inquiry and deep connection. Mission, community and relationship all growing in the soil of the question - how can I more fully love? [more]

Nail Cutter: My Super Tool :)

Trupti, of our pilot regional Laddership Circle in India, wondered how to build bridges across stark differences -- and finds an answer in an unassuming nail cutter. :) [more]

And Psssst ...

As 4 concurrent international circles finished this past Spring, 2 more circles are braced to begin in India this month, and an "Awakin Dialogues" alumni series is in formation!