Where Children Sleep
--Neil Thekdi
1 minute read
Aug 18, 2011


Every week, the interns (and mentors) get assigned some homework.  Part of our homework this week was to read this article about Where Children Sleep.  It was a very shocking and eye-opening article. There are two major things I got out of this article: how important a bedroom is for a kid, and how fortunate I actually am to have a bedroom.  A bedroom is extremely influential in a child’s life. The objects within the room reflect the kid and vice versa. It is very likely that by simply exposing someone to a different type of bedroom from birth, you could change who they become completely. Just to show how that might work, take into consideration that we use 60% of our brain while we are sleeping. Then think about how much of a sense of protection a bedroom gives. Put these two facts together and see how not having a proper bedroom can torment a person deeply.


Posted by Neil Thekdi on Aug 18, 2011

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