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Posted by Kanchan Gokhale on Apr 14, 2011
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I'm managing our two interns, and last Tuesday, we had our first "check in" call.  It was great; Dillan was practicing for a triathalon and Neil got "best up and coming Director" in his high-school film contest.  They each shared reflections on a noteworthy article (one was on food coloring and why Cheetos are so bright and other was on amount of trash we generate), and shared status on their upcoming senior center project.  Every week, they are also asked to post a kindness story (Neil's story was on improv) and find a good news story.   Dillan said, "Every night before I go to sleep, I take out my iPad, log onto HelpOthers.org, give smiles and comments to other people's stories."  On another alias, HelpOthers Weavers (Trishna, Geoff, Aditi, Ana) had sent them very welcoming notes and they finished up our call and wrote back adorable emails to everyone.  Among their top-five goals for the interships, Neil's list included "make people genuinely feel good" while Dillan "become a better person."  What a privilege to nurture these journeys.

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