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--Nipun Mehta
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Mar 31, 2011


Yesterday, I met with our two interns -- Dillan and Neil.  They are quite exceptional, and when I asked 'em why they wanted to volunteer, they said: "We both like serving, but we just thought that it was time to step it up."  Yes, they're in 9th grade. :)  I was particularly moved by their empathy: "For my English class, we had to write an essay on who, out of anyone in the world, we would like to invite to our Thanksgiving meal.  I wrote about inviting a homeless man I see everytime I bike."  As a part of their meeting pre-work, :) Dillan had stumbled across the CF video.  Since he's president of a club at his high school, he managed to show it to few other school leaders and next thing you know, the entire freshmen assembly "including teachers" at Mitty High School watched the video.  In a very sincere-cute, high-school-ish sort of way, Dillan added: "Not only that, the next day, we noticed that our club fundraising was up by 87%."  So, we figured out our next steps, took a photo, and parted ways with big smiles.  Watch out world -- our interns are ready to "step-it-up". :)


Posted by Nipun Mehta on Mar 31, 2011