Kindness Ripples: Linda To Michael To Chad To You

Posted by Bhoutik Mehta on Mar 4, 2011
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Wow. A really powerful story was just submitted on, where all kinds of open-hearted people share stories of kindness.
Whenever Linda goes out with 7-year-old grand-daughter, Skylar, they have a contest: "Who can make the most people smile?"  They have real fun with it, and sub-consciously, Linda started tuning more into kindness around her.  One day, while she was in line at the drug store, a young woman with a sick, crying baby was asked to come back in 2 hours; a tear trickled down her cheek, when suddenly, an older fellow sitting on the side came over and said that he had to wait for his prescription, so if she wanted, he would be happy to deliver her prescription to her.
"But I don’t even know you," she said. "I won’t come in your house," he replied. "I’ll just leave it by the door and ring the bell."  "But why?" she asked. The man looked at her with kind eyes and said, "I live on a really limited income and my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren all live up north and I rarely get to see them so this would a privilege for me."
With that, people in the store started nodding their heads to the young woman with approval. She mumbled okay, wrote her address on a piece of paper and gave it to the man. The baby stopped crying and the young woman left the store. By that time, Linda was in tears too. She walked over to the gentleman, introduced herself and told him how wonderful it was that he was so kind.  Michael was 82 years old. Linda and Michael became friends and even had breakfast and lunch a few times. 
About three months later, Michael called Linda: "The young woman told all of her friends about how I had delivered the prescription." They all chipped in and sent Michael airfare to visit his family.  It turned out, that was the last time Michael saw his family before he passed away.
After this story was posted on, people wrote all kinds of heartfelt comments.  One fellow, Chad, who had no prior connection to Linda wrote: "Ok i cried! Best random act of kindness story ever!"  Then, a bit later, he posted another comment: " Linda i'm writing a song about this amazing story."  And shared this rap that he wrote and performed: 

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Comments (19)

  • Susan Deborah wrote ...

    I am speechless after reading this.


    Joy always,

  • Trishna wrote ...

    From Michael to Linda to Chad and beyond through this very blog entry, what beautiful ripples!

  • Mariette wrote ...

    Wow! Awesome rippling. We simply don't know what may come of our actions.

  • Chad Harper wrote ...

    Hello everyone! Special hello to Bhoutik for writing this blog.

    I am so grateful that my song has been posted and has touched people. It is a dream come true!

    I have a non-profit called Hip Hop Saves Lives. We us the power of hip hop to educate and elevate the global hip hop community as well as rasie funds for clean water in Africa and Haiti. We have a new campaign called "a song a day to end extreme poverty". So for the entire year mon-fri we are writing a good news song mostly based on everyday heroes in the news. This is how I found Linda's amazing story about Michael.

    This is the first song we sent out to help inspire the world. To get this feedback is just incredible

    ! Ok this is to good to be true. As I'm writing this my roommate just walked in and gave me my mail and I got a thank you card from linda!!! Linda you are the best. Oh and linda is originally from NYC where I live so when she comes to visit her dad next time we are going to meet! How amazing!!

    I was so happy to write a song about a story from your site. Help Others is my favorite site. I never expected all these blessings! THANK YOU!

    Please check out[View Link]
    We will be posting all of our good news songs there starting March 11th.

  • Linda Burhans wrote ...

    Thank you for your kind words and a special thanks to Chad and Bhoutik!
    Have a delicious day!

  • Viral wrote ...

    Chad -- thank you!

    Your song was awesome -- wishing you the best for all the great work you are doing!

  • Ritchie wrote ...

    Isn't this the way life should be? Wouldn't it be fine if we all could remember to be kind to each other?

  • Bobbi wrote ...

    Just watched a GMA story about parking rage and felt heart sick. Then I checked my e-mail and had my faith in humanity restored by these random acts of kindness. Let's each go out and add a little joy to someone else's day. It's bound to be joyful for us, too.

  • Karen wrote ...

    There are more wonderful people in this world than there are bad. We just need to share these wonderful stories.

  • jay wrote ...

    where do you all live because i want to move there. my family and i live in ny, outside the city, and i feel like i never hear of random acts of kindness. makes me sad. this was a beautiful story!

  • sriram shamasunder wrote ...

    wow... really cool story, and the the song it tight!!

  • Chad Harper wrote ...

    Thx guys for all the comments! So excited to read!

    yes Karen, there are much more good people in the world.

    Jay, I live in BKLYN!!! We should meet. Send me an email.

    Hey Linda!!

  • Karen Maurer wrote ...

    This is a beautiful story! I'm sure there are so many more that are never documented. Random acts of kindness are never done in a vacuum...even when anonymous, I believe there is a positive effect. Thanks to Chad for writing this song to share Linda's story, and promote Random acts of Kindness. Imagine what the wordled would be like if everyone opened their hearts, without expectations, and acted kindly towards others each day! Blessings to you all!! <3

  • Karen Maurer wrote ...

    OOPS....the above should have said "imagine what the world would be like"... : )

  • Deb wrote ...

    This is a beautiful and very touching story. In a time when all the news seems to be depressing it is so refreshing to read about something like this. This story has helped to renew my faith in the fact that there are still caring people in our world.

    By the way, I'm not usually someone who likes rap music but this rap song is great. How great that someone cared enough to write this beautiful song and share it with all of us. Thanks for sharing.

  • Geoff wrote ...

    I love that you made a song about something that touched you from HelpOthers. What a wonderful thing! It just goes to show that when we share our ideas and kindness adventures that you never know when it will touch someone else.

    The fact that you read something, it touched you and you took action makes me smile and feel great! Thanks for continuing the ripple of kindness!

  • Carole wrote ...

    Chad, I work with Linda and was able to hear our song today,, couldnt wait to get home and check more out. I say Kudos to you for a making a difference in the world in your special way.. Love the song the beat, and words!!! Keep on Keeping on. Making a difference. God Bless you and God Bless Linda for having to share

  • Carole wrote ...

    oops "our song should have bbeen typed your""

  • luv4all wrote ...

    There is so much of excitement on this page :)
    Love the song, words , rap , composition. Chad, its a great idea to write many more similar songs.
    Now, this was an awesome support for each other's work and am sure brought many-many smiles.
    Luv 2 b a part of this group