Ten Years On The CharityFocus Timeline
--Arathi Ravichandran
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Jun 6, 2009


For the most recent CF retreat, I put together a visual timeline of most notable events in CharityFocus's ten year history. Take a look ...

Dec-1996: Quote-A-Day start at Sun Microsystems, as a prank to send out emails at 4AM. :)
Nov-1997: Wednesdays start, "Thought of the Week" begin at the home of CF mom and Dad.  Donation Club, Book Club and other smaller groups also self-organized over the next year.
Jan-1999: The very first CharityFocus meeting, over pizza ... at what is now known as the  Intergalactic headquarters. :)
Apr-1999: Four volunteers help a homeless shelter build a website as the first CF project.  CF also got its formal 501(c)(3) that month, and hence this has come to be known as the "start" of CharityFocus.
May-1999: Paul does first 1st article on CF, in CS Monitor.  First major story: SF Weekly cover story in Jan 2000.
Feb-2000: the first public talk invite by AHIMSA in Berkeley: Spirit of Service. Craig of craigslist was also the first to give a formal (unsolicited) donation to CF that month.
Sep-2000: First time on TV: Nipun interviewed live on CNN International for half hour!
Jun-2001: Jefferson award in Washington DC is the first major award for CharityFocus.
Apr-2002: CF hosts its first-ever Night of Inspiration -- at Shanti's woodshop in SF (w/Port-a-Potty et al).
Apr-2002: CF takes over a dot-com -- PledgePage!  Girish masterminds the whole thing. :)
Jan-2003: ProPoor merges into CF; Jayesh Parekh becomes a volunteer; Sujatha shows Preity Zinta photos on April Fools all-nighter!
Dec-2003: We formally distribute the first 100 Smile Cards, at Rev. Heng Sure's Christmas event.  (Mark printed an informa batch in Sep 2003 for our Vancouver retreat!).
Apr-2004: cShops germinates at How-Weird-Street-Faire in SF! :)
May-2004: Inspiring Messages launches, as Scott the Surfer aims to put out good message.  (This was well before Free Hugs became popular. :))
Sep-2004: Service eXchange launches softly, via Trishna the cub, Ashish the zen master, and Paras itchyhands.
Jan-2005: Guri and Nipun head on walking pilgrimage in India.  They return in 2006.
Jul-2005: Viral keynotes to 5000 people!
Mar-2006: Matt launches CFSites to help nonprofits build websites without much technical overhead.
Oct-2006: KarmaTube launches, as Jenny emails her addressbook to signup for our newsletter.
Dec-2006: Quote-A-Day becomes DailyGood and launches dailygood.org
Jan-2007: works & conversations art magazine goes gift-economy, after Richard, Paul and Nipun meet at a Taqueria.
Feb-2007: SmoothFeather comes on board, goes gift-economy!  In the next year, it manages to hit the home page of YouTube twice.
Mar-2007: Karma Kitchen launches in two weeks after Tiger Team meeting!
Aug-2007: CF Sites crosses thousand nonprofit websites!
Jul-2008: Gift-Economy message hits Wall Street Journal. :)
Jan-2009: DailyGood crosses 100K subscribers.
Feb-2009: Karma Clinic gets a website and an 80 sq. foot office!  In DC, Karma Kitchen opens at its second location!
Apr-2009: DailyGood launches on iPhone, our first mobile application built by Fred.
May-2009: Smile Cards hit CNN!

Do you notice anything missing?


Posted by Arathi Ravichandran on Jun 6, 2009

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