Chalk The Walk -- In Downtown Berkeley!
--Nipun Mehta
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Aug 14, 2008


It was Chris J.'s birthday on Tuesday.  Being a grassroot peace activist, and an avid CF'er, Chris called up his work and requested a day off: "It's my birthday, so I want to spend the day being of service to people."  Hard to say no to that. :) And so that's exactly what he did.

In the evening, though, he invited some friends to join in the fun.  Move over Miles of Smiles, it's time for Chalk-The-Walk!  Chris and friends would all engage in random acts of chalk art, right outside the downtown Berkeley Bart station.  Passerby's would notice, comment, join in, and in one case -- even promise to do the same activity in Portland!  Even a 2-year old joined in.


Photos really do speak a thousand words here.  But thousand words are inspiring too: Omar's  My Birthday Party Tomorrow :) 7-8:45PM" and Binal's Catching the Chalking Spirit are the first one to post stories.

Happy Birthday, Chris! :)

[P.S. The next day, on Wednesday night, we agreed to practice an act of gratitude by sending a greeting card to a 95-year-old gift-economy knitter in Virginia!  Helen Rose Miller is quite story ... and will be totally blown away as she starts receiving dozens of unexpected cards!]


Posted by Nipun Mehta on Aug 14, 2008

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