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In 2020, the most commonly searched keyword on Google was "why". Whether it is the rise of dawn or setting of dusk, this feels like the time to come together, evolve, build bridges and share our strengths to lift up the common good.

Last January, we had just hosted an unforgettable retreat at the Gandhi Ashram in India; by March, however, everything came to a halt. Rolling up our sleeves, we launched KarunaVirus to bring attention to compassion amidst the suffering (see top-10 patterns of 2020). With 100+ leaders, we hosted public dialogues on transforming many systems whose pitfalls were now glaringly evident. Anticipating Zoom fatigue, we innovated a new "Pod Platform" for “deepcasting” in a broadcast world. It's been quite a year.

Thank you for holding sacred at the center.




How to make power express love, and love humanize power? Germany's Innocracy movement is helping launch a 7-day Love+Power Pod with project intiators from 13 countries. Dacher Keltner and Gary Zukav are expected guest speakers.

Love + Power Pod


Buddha classified four specific virtues as boundless -- kindness, equanimity, joy and compassion. To reach that potential, though, requires crossing its subtle "near enemies". Two monks and 11 volunteers are anchoring a practice pod, as a encore of the first one!

Four Boundless Hearts Pod


Between the affirming and denying factors of a tension lies a reconciling third force that Rumi calls "field beyond wrong-doing and right-doing." Rev. Bonnie and Rev. Eric anchor a 2-week pod around moving beyond binary thinking.

Third Force Pod




Awakin Calls continue to bring us profound conversations each week. Coming up: Saturday with Ruth Pittard, a life-long educator from North Carolina whose life changed after a mystical experience at the age of six; in India, the uber popular Kabir singer Prahlad Tipanya-ji joins us this weekend to share his lens on today's world; and next Wednesday, Matthew Fox returns for a dive into intuition. Among many memorable conversations of 2020, the recent call with legendary doctor Paul Farmer is a definite highlight: Genuine Humility with Restless Compassion.




As our work attempts to balance content with context, and broadcast with deepcast, here's a reflection from Japan last November:

When the winds of nature are behind us, we fly through the skies like the murmurations of starlings -- in elegant formations divined by an intelligence that far surpasses the power of markets, military and mass media. We realize that we are not merely what we do, but who we become by what we do. As our ego empties, the song of the infinite plays through our lute. With our hand, head and heart extended out in great awe, it becomes clear that the smallest of our intentions is a delicate prayer that tilts the axis of all life. Indeed, in a gentle way, we can shake the world. It’s the only thing that ever has.

Thank you.


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