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Dear ServiceSpace Friends,

We wanted to inform you of three inspiring events this week. And like most things ServiceSpace, each of them landed on our calendars by the sheer virtue of serendipity.

Thursday: Heart-Talk with Lynne Twist
During a Pod call last month, Nina opened a routine breakout session with a story about encountering Lynne Twist; in that same breakout, Jen mentioned how she encountered ServiceSpace 20 years ago at Lynne's home. We sent that video clip to Lynne with the subject, "Serendipity calling." And here we are, a conversation with Lynne about her remarkable life that took her from Mother Teresa to Bucky Fuller to shamans of Ecuador, while raising hundreds of millions for many service projects. Details/RSVP here.

Thursday: Evening with Carrie Newcomer
In the recent 21-day New Story Pod, many referenced Carrie Newcomer's songs as their inspiration for reaching a new plateau of consciousness. "What if she joined our closing call as a small act of kindness?" Given her 19 albums, along with an Emmy and Grammy, we figured it was unlikely. Except she came. And wowed us -- and herself -- by a collective sense of kinship. "What if she hosted a Mystical Music Pod one day?" In just two weeks, that day arrived, with 400 other podmates. And now, the Pod has invited Carrie to do an informal evening of sharing -- and we're opening it up to all of you too. Details/RSVP here.

Saturday: On Death and Dying with Ven. Lekshe
Chirag and Puni lost their 8-year-old daughter in a tragic accident. To commemorate her life, they invited Nipun to speak. It was unclear how many would be interested in the topic, but we were overwhelmed by the response. That led our Awakin Talks team to put up a series (and pod) around death and dying, and this week's speaker is one of the most renowned speakers on this challenging topic. A Buddhist nun for 40+ years, Ven. Karma Lekshe Tsomo is a pioneering presence in many arenas of service and monasticism. She became a nun after walking into a cafe one day and discovering a small group of Tibetan monks talking about death. "I never left," she jokes. Details/RSVP here.

Our hearts fill with awe when we experience emergence that can't neatly tuck itself into an algorithm of causation. With so many people in various concurrent pods, an inexplicable collective field continues to build on itself. It's hard to draw a throughline between Claudia's story and 11-year-old Reva's stunning volunteer application, but that doesn't prevent us from gratitude. Or just yesterday, Dr. Michael Penn floored us with his uncommon insights on power while being moved to tears remembering a few of his stories.




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