About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I want to be an agent of positive change. Giving is renewing.

A good day to me is when ... I can be inspired by a small act of goodness.

My hero in life is ...My mother

My favorite book is ...Breath Sweeps Mind by Jakusho Kwong

One thing I'm grateful for is ... How incredibly fortunate I am to have what I need to survive and even thrive.

Wow. This Morning The "big Boss" ...

Apr 25, 2013, 3 comments, 11 smiles Wow. This morning the "big boss" in our office shared this wonderful video, shot very recently in my own city. What moved me to tears was more than just the beautiful message of the video itself. It was also that my boss is so politically different from me that I'd never have expected him to be inspired by this. It showed me that I have to open my heart to the unexpected dimensions in all people. Please enjoy!

Sometimes I Think My Efforts To ...

Jul 20, 2012, 1 comments, 9 smiles Sometimes I think my efforts to be kind in small ways are misunderstood. For example, on really hot days I began offering bottled water to a homeless man on my walk to the train, and it was many days before he would accept. I stared wondering if I seem insincere. Yesterday, I had a debilitating headache at work, and went for a coffee to see if caffeine would help. A man ahead of me held the door for me, and when we got into line, I asked him to go ahead of me, as he had really been there first. He not only insisted (gently) that I go ahead of him, he paid for my coffee. For a moment I felt awkward and wanted to decline, but then I remembered the times I had reached out and been mistrusted for my efforts, so I thanked him and told him I would pay it forward. I really appreciated the gesture, and am grateful to have been given the perspective of the receiver.