About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I'm interested in giving and receiving as concepts and I want to understand further how they work as a reality

A good day to me is when ... The sun shines (I live in England)

My hero in life is ...Sebastien Chabal

My favorite book is ...The Riddle of the Sands

One thing I'm grateful for is ... An education


Aug 20, 2012, 3 comments, 8 smiles Sharing Poetry Hafiz, "To Build a Swing" You carry All the ingredients To turn your life into a nightmare- Don’t mix them! You have all the genius To build a swing in your backyard For God. That sounds Like a hell...

I Recently Read A Series Of ...

Feb 08, 2012 I recently read a series of radio transcripts entitled 'Apna Street' about the lives of a group of pavement dwellers in Mumbai. I thought it portrayed the many different sides to human life, that we can all identitify with in some ways, and is worth checking out if you have the time.