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I'm joining Service Space because ... it is a source of Inspiration for me

A good day to me is when ... I am able to maintain awareness

My hero in life is ...within me

My favorite book is ...illusions.. Richard Bach

One thing I'm grateful for is ... I am surrounded by beauty

Colors Of Love At Kat Katha, Delhi

Dec 19, 2014, 3 comments, 12 smiles Bunch of us recently held an "Art Week" at Geetanjali's Kat-Katha project in Delhi -- with a loving family and community of sex workers and their children.  This experience has opened my mind and heart in ways I could never imagine. I feel immense gratitude for all the factors that aligned to make it possible.. I hope my understanding of Art and Healing continues deepening as this path is illuminated with possibilities… Stories and photos

Books Of Love

Oct 13, 2014, 8 comments, 26 smiles “With these hands I make Art, but with this Heart I make miracles” A belief I have strongly held on to in the recent years is the Power of Transformative Art -- putting our heart into creating gifts of joy. Book-binding is something I have recently picked up as a hobby. I love how it allows me to weave any idea, texture or object together into a coherent story. I came across a whole set of old library cards just waiting to be love-cycled. :-) From this was born the idea of Books of Love: To create little handmade booklets which have inspiring poems, thoughts and quotes handwritten in them with illustrations. I have been sharing these little symbols of Love and Hope with friends and strangers. Sometimes as gifts for birthdays and occasions, sometimes just anonymous tags, occasionally to bring a smile in a low moment and sometimes to bring smiles in ... Read Full Story

The Community Mural At Casa De ...

Aug 17, 2014, 4 comments, 24 smiles The Community Mural at Casa de Paz, is underway! Our Theme is: Integrating values of Service, Community, Nonviolence, Regeneration and Spirituality into our Lives, Communities and Nature.. Feeling so Grateful to have this wonderful opportunity to co create Art and Beauty with wonderful friends and family.. More pics coming soon :)  

Where Music And Transformation Can Intersect

Aug 09, 2014, 10 smiles Yesterday, about 30 of us huddled in a loft, listened to songs and stories, shared insights on "true sound" and service, explored edges around culture of ambition that strips away at the heart of music. It was a beautiful space anchored around music and transformation, as world renowned pianist Gwhyneth Chen shared her inspiring story of finding her calling on a gifted keyboard at the age of 5, then giving away all of her first major award ($100K!) "so all can share", deepening her journey in search of "true sound", and now opening herself to the unsettling paradoxes today's world of music. In the post-event conversations that were bubbling up, here are a few experiments around music, social change and inner transformation that were shared via email ...   Gift music to cultivate kindness -- Rev. Heng Sure came out with a CD few years ago, that you could download with a commitment to do a ... Read Full Story

Yesterday, Some Friends Walked The Streets ...

Aug 02, 2014, 15 smiles Yesterday, some friends walked the streets of SF, putting up positivity Magnets on bus stops. So grateful for opportunities to share Art, Beauty, Love and Random acts of Kindness.     

Sometimes ...

Jul 22, 2014, 1 comments, 20 smiles I want to sometimes flow and Sometimes be still and Sometimes be quiet and Sometimes engage and Sometimes rain and Sometimes puddle and Sometimes breeze and Sometimes shine brightly and Sometimes grey cloud and Sometimes be an old deep root Banyan tree saint and Sometimes be a blade of grass which sways with the wind and bends to its will and Sometimes be a big beautiful flower sharing my beauty and Sometimes be fruitless and flowerless and Sometimes be fertile soil and Sometimes be arid desert sand which blows so easily with the wind and Sometimes be flowing river and Sometimes deep deep deep majestic ocean, harboring in me so much life form and Sometimes be just a raindrop and Sometimes be a human being with little doing and Sometimes a human doing with little being and Sometimes mother and Sometimes child and Sometimes wild free womanly woman and Sometimes light as spirit and Sometimes heavy as big rock and all the time through all of this, I want to LOVE. 

As I Spent Time With My ...

Dec 27, 2013, 3 comments, 8 smiles As I spent time with my grandmother today, I realized, as I always do, what an amazing repository of knowledge she is. Her years of experience and just observing life has so many lessons I can carry with me. So many elderly people like her have priceless stories to share and I decided to ask inspiring elderly people I meet to share three life lessons with me. My own grandmother shared the following with me and I have been holding them in my heart and trying to remember them since 1- Whenever you feel alone, and in the course of your life there will be several such moments, remember that GOD IS WITH YOU and holding your hand. 2- No matter what situation you may be in, NEVER GRUMBLE or complain. Always try to believe that is it for the best. Complaining has never solved anything, only increased woes. 3- Always stop to look at the ... Read Full Story

A Small Practice I Have Been ...

Dec 05, 2013, 5 comments, 20 smiles A small practice I have been trying to follow for a few months now; When I come across an inspiring elderly person, I ask them for three things they would offer as an experience of learning from their lives. Yesterday I met Mrs. Vatsala in bank, while i waited for my mother to finish some bank work. She is 80 and overheard our conversation on healthy diets. I was amazed as she started asking me for suggestions on how she can improve her diet 'since her body is weakening a little bit now'. I could only in turn tell her I wanted to learn from her experiences. The three things she wanted to share were: 1- Always attempt to live a life which is authentic to yourself. What is within should be without. 2- We always need the kindness of the Universe to do anything we want to do. We must ask for it and always be kind in return 3- All are equal in God's eyes. Never think lesser or more of another. Love yourself and love thy neighbor as much I am so grateful with the momentary but everlasting heart connections these conversations create.

Our Beloved Gopal Dada Has Inspired ...

Dec 02, 2013, 2 comments, 22 smiles Our Beloved Gopal dada has inspired and touched so many hearts in his lifetime. He always sang this song "Har Desh mein tu, Har Vesh mein tu, Tere naam anek, Tu ek hi hai" (written here in Hindi in the painting) It means; The same spirit of God is found in every country, in every costume. You may be known by many names and forms, but you are just one". Dada, May your beautiful spirit bless us all. I offer this painting in Love to you. Read about Gopal dada here:  

Wisdom Craft Across Continents! Got Gifted ...

Jul 28, 2013, 9 comments, 16 smiles Wisdom craft across continents! Got gifted with the most beautiful quotes from the London Retreat. Was so moved to receive what I had been admiring and was inspired by! I am sure upcoming Moved by Love retreats will blossom with these! so grateful :)