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I'm joining Service Space because ... I want to be part of a community which wants to serve. I want to learn how to serve. I have experienced the joy of serving in small ways. I want to expand my sphere of serving.

A good day to me is when ... When i learn something new. When i have the opportunity to help someone. To be of use. To light up a face. To give. Thank you for asking this question.

My hero in life is ...Autobiography of a Yogi - every time i read it i get inspired that there is more to life than meets the eye!

My favorite book is ...Mahatma Gandhi. He had the courage to start and execute so many projects in his life. For me he embodies what courage and service looks like

One thing I'm grateful for is ... I am grateful to the Universe for giving me parents who have demonstrated by their simple live those enduring values of kindness and gentleness and honesty.

I Migrate...

Jul 05, 2020, 3 smiles I migrate: When you call me a migrant .. You label me. And you feel comfortable behind that label. You think you understand me. Or it evokes a sense of pity in you. The defining of me makes me more comprehensible to you. Less scary. Because you like certainty. You want things to be stable. That is what you mean by security, pension and gratuity. I am not a migrant. Yes I migrate. And I love migrating. Have you ever tried it? When you a watch a flock of Siberian cranes , do you feel pity or do you feel awe? Don't you wish in the innermost regions of your heart that you too had the courage to migrate, once in a while. The migrating birds will not feed for months. And many of our species actually fly over the Everest. And many will not make it. Migrating is a choice ... Read Full Story

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Inspiring Link

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