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I'm joining Service Space because ... my purpose to be alive on this Planet is to live in radical joyous shared servanthood to unify humanity.

A good day to me is when ... the awareness of breath removes duality.

My hero in life is ...this portal of love! :-)

My favorite book is ...the book of life (and the perhaps Hind Swaraj).

One thing I'm grateful for is ... we touch the heart of people, specially the so called "opponents".

Brother Caracol (Snail) In The City Of God

Aug 25, 2019, 3 comments, 15 smiles This is a little tale on the journey here in Tijuana... Context I was aware of a particular tightness in my heart when i was feeling the presence of this particular brother neighbor. This kind of resentment was coming up because, first, the path of compassion is infinitely deep, second, am still working to harness anger when it arises into genuine love in action and, third, because this brother severely damaged one of the two spots where children and migrant families --who had lived very traumatic experiences during their forced exodus-- used to hang out, outdoors, outside of the buildings of the refugee camps. This magical spot were people could have breakfast, lunch or dinner, or just to have a cup of tea or coffee, was a very simple but profound way to continue a healing process with the support of Mother Nature. It was a very serene and peaceful spot under the shade ... Read Full Story

Gandhi Y ServiceSpace (A Spanish Translation)

Jul 19, 2019, 2 comments, 8 smiles [A translation of Gandhi and ServiceSpace for all the Castilian speakers, courtesy of our Awakin Spanish translators and friends] Traducido de la versión original, Gandhi and ServiceSpace por Nipun Mehta, como apareció en el blog el 14 de julio de 2019. [Algunas reflexiones basadas en una reciente conversación acerca de cómo Gandhi y ServiceSpace están entrelazados.] De muchas formas ServiceSpace comparte afinidades con los valores Gandhianos. Aunque l@s fundadores de ServiceSpace estaban en sus 20s (¡y hasta más jóvenes!) y no trataron de emular a Gandhi y aunque, en ese entonces, no estaban muy familiarizad@s con su filosofía de vida, después de décadas de trabajo ha mostrado una similitud sorprendente con los valores que Gandhi llamaba “tan viejos como las colinas”. La esencia del principio organizativo de Gandhi era “ser el cambio” y confiar en lo que se propaga poco a poco después. Esto ha sido el credo de ServiceSpace desde su comienzo en ... Read Full Story

Clay Bodhisattvas

Nov 05, 2018, 12 smiles In a recent email thread remembering these 21 questions, I was thinking of the addendum to this quote: What community practices invite us to enter the oven, and offer us resilience to stay until we're suitably cooked?

Nocturnist: My Dark Skin, So Much Like My Patients

Aug 08, 2018, 4 comments, 11 smiles Here's the powerful spoken word that our beloved Dr. Poet Sri delivered at the closing of the last Healing + Transformation retreat: Nocturnist: My dark skin, so much like my patients: In residency I trained at a county hospital in Los Angeles. Black and brown patients lay on gurneys in the emergency room, and lined the halls on the wards. Our patients were mostly poor, often undocumented. The doctors were mostly white. One of my Guatemalan patients told me that on the difficult month-long walk into the US, with blisters and diarrhea, our hospital was known as the first place to get decent, free care. As residents, we worked and lived in the hospital so many nights. It felt like home. On one of my days off, in street clothes, jeans and a t shirt, I went into the hospital to finish dictating some patient notes. It was morning. There was a metal detector coming ... Read Full Story

Little Did I Know How Grace Works

Jun 12, 2018, 13 smiles Over the last 5 years or so --since Rahul's landmark speech--, laddered and lead by sister Anne Veh, the Kindness Team has developed a beautiful relationship with the San Francisco Waldorf High School community. We come at the beginning of the school year for a Kindness Circle where senior students get exposed to the broad spectrum of kindness. A part of it takes the form of kindness for themselves as they write their intentions for the following months. Then we come back at the end of the school year for a Gratitude Circle. This year, one of the teachers, sister Joan --who has been since the beginning the main love instigator for all these encounters to happen-- was able to document the students reflections after the Gratitude Circle. At the PS are some of the touching reflections that show the deep love growing out of these circles and why it was ... Read Full Story

A Heartmindfulness (R)evolution

Jun 10, 2018, 9 comments, 15 smiles [Below is most of the transcript of the commencement speech offered to the San Francisco Waldorf High School class of 2018. And here's a pre-commencement writeup when i biked to the wrong address to be part of the Graduation ceremony. Yes! I was 6.5 miles away from the students, with 10 minutes to go for the ceremony to get started! Little did I know about the grace that was about to manifest, all around the Divine Feminine] Introduction I’m still learning a Chochenyo greeting as a way to acknowledge the Yelamu Ohlone People, the Indigenous People whose culture have stewarded the land, water, air and energy of the watershed you live in. Jai Jagat! Glory to the Planet! What a blessing to be with you all in this special moment. Thank you dearest hermana Joan Caldarera, fratello Paolo Carini, and all the faculty, staff and the whole San Francisco Waldorf High School family. ... Read Full Story

Brother Miguel's "Platinum" Rule

Jan 08, 2018, 4 comments, 14 smiles [At last Wednesday's Awakin Circle in Santa Clara, brother Miguel --aka Bobak-- shared this humorous and touching story below, of how his father taught him the "Platinum Rule", prompted by last week's reading on the nuances of universality.] Sometimes if we get too caught up in the Golden Rule we assume that we can understand what other people want without asking them to tell us what their suffering is. And that can lead us to problematic territory. My dad used to tell me this story when I was a kid. His dad worked at a restaurant when he was in college and became a chef. He was a very active political leftist. So part of the benefits of working there was that they were able to prepare a meal for themselves and everyone who worked there. The chefs could get steak filet mignon or lobster or whatever choice cuts they wanted. But ... Read Full Story

Happy New Lap Around The Sun, Sangeeta!

Nov 20, 2017, 3 comments, 20 smiles Post 11PM photo by sister Riko, last Wednesday at the Kindness Temple, when we discovered that it was Sangeeta's anniversary of laps around the Sun ...

Of Dialogue Of Wisdoms And Emancipation

Nov 20, 2017, 3 comments, 5 smiles [reposted from the Earthling Opinion blog] Please take a look at the next drawing. What do you see? Is it that for you these lines are just random patterns of shades and lights? Do you see an old person or is it a young person? Are you able to see both at the same time or none of them? Are they part of one another or are they even the same person seen through the lens of time? Given my cultural background, when I looked at this drawing, the first thing that came to my mind was the image of a young woman, looking sideways exposing the left part of her neck. But then later, seen from another perspective, the chin of the young woman could be also the nose of an old woman. Or the left eye of the old woman could be the ear of the young woman. Let me say ... Read Full Story

Stopping Bullets With The Heart

Nov 01, 2017, 8 comments, 11 smiles [This post was sparked after reading this week's Awakin Reading on "Welcoming Fear As A Friend"] Greetings beloved family! :-) May this message find you living the journey of full liberation. Transcending Fear Somehow felt the strong need to comment around fear, otherwise this passage feels quite incomplete. Below is my attempt to make this analogy: befriending fear is to fearlessness as violence is to nonviolence. In this way, the experience of apathy/cowardice precludes that of nonviolence, in similar form as the experience of denying/been paralyzed by fear precludes that of fearlessness. While it is better to befriend fear than to deny it or be afraid of it, it is far from not experience it at all and to be fearless. That is, far from embodying love and compassion. From Vimala Thakar to Peace Pilgrim, to Thich Nhat Hanh, to Martin Luther King Jr., to Gandhi, to Vinoba, they all speak of having a mindset ... Read Full Story