About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... Helps me see life from the heart perspective and be a better person.

A good day to me is when ... i`ve been able to do something good for the environment (people, planet all included there:))

My hero in life is ...

My favorite book is ...The elephant whisperer :)

One thing I'm grateful for is ... Life. And everything that comes with it.

The ServiceSpace Spirit

Dec 30, 2013, 3 comments, 12 smiles My husband Sriram and I are nearing the end of a trip to the Bay Area on work. While here we've enjoyed attending Awakin gatherings again in Santa Clara, and a few days ago were reflecting on ServiceSpace and what it means to us. To me what is special about the ServiceSpace mindset is the ability to continuously think beyond self. Sriram added that it embodies the ability 'to touch people in the right way at the right time ...an ability to make an interaction unforgettable.' Thank you all for that spirit!

Uma Shares ...

Apr 29, 2011 Vinod, the obsessive compulsive tree planter, has published his first children's book!  No prizes for guessing what it's about. :)  Books are typically made from trees, but this is a book that can make trees. Vinod wanted the kids to do something after reading the book. And what better thing to do than plant trees to secure their own future:) So this book, along with some seeds, are package with corrugated sheets (made from recycled paper).  When you see it and feel it for the first time, it seems so light and strange.  But slowly, the simplicity and the practicality of it grows on you -- quite like the trees the book contains.  Check out this 100% natural (and beautiful) book -- Let's Plant Trees. :)