About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I've come to realize that establishing broad recognition of our interconnectedness is a critical step toward saving the planet. I love the practical demonstrations servicespace makes of living these values and paving the way for others to follow.

A good day to me is when ... ...I remember that every day is a great day.

My hero in life is ......my grandfather Van.

My favorite book is ......Singer's The Untethered Soul is one of many

One thing I'm grateful for is ... ...that I got to experience the miracle of life in all it's permutations. The alternative is the nothingness of deep space. When seen through this lense, how lucky are we that we got to get any glimpse at all?

Is “Priceless Pricing” About Cost Or Relationship?

Nov 25, 2020, 7 comments, 11 smiles Is "Priceless Pricing" about Cost or Relationship? In Brief Recap We just finished the first two week Priceless Pricing Pod. I felt moved to share some of the thoughts that this experience has triggered. The format of the pod was as follows. Each of over forty participants received a prompt every other day that involves learning, practice and sharing a written reflection. The following day, we read the reflections of everyone else. Then the two-day cycle repeated with a different prompt. There is a kick-off call at the beginning of the first week. We met again on a call over the weekend half-way through. We met one last time on the third Sunday for a wrap-up call. ServiceSpace hosted this mini-pod on the topic of Priceless Pricing in rapid response to strong interest that emerged from the community in these last six months. We held three simultaneous Laddership Circles in the spring. Discussions ... Read Full Story

Seeding The Opening Circle

Sep 20, 2019, 11 smiles [At a Banyan Grove retreat in April, Yaniv shared a beautiful introduction to our circle of sharing that I've often referred back to. I'm sharing it below, in case it's helpful for some of you.] Thank you, everyone. Over the next hour we're gonna start with a circle of sharing, which we actually consider one of the most important ways to start this retreat along with an hour of silence and an invocation. Why is that there's easily a dozen people in this room on whose life's contents and offerings of service we could base the whole retreat on. Why do we start with a circle of sharing? We started because this retreat is not about someone else's life. It's about you, and it's about us. It's about you because you are on your journey of becoming. Because each of you has a special gift, many gifts, to offer. Many seeds that could benefit one ... Read Full Story

Waves From Gandhi Retreat

May 01, 2019, 2 comments, 18 smiles Few weeks ago, we held a powerful "Gandhi in Today's World" retreat at Banyan Grove, with some insightful luminaries. And while a more detailed blog is forthcoming, I just wanted to share gratitude for all the ripples that are continuing to build and multiply ever since our time together. Just witnessing it is a thing of beauty, and gives one faith in that old adage: "Nature doesn't hurry, and yet everything gets accomplished."