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My hero in life is ...Eleanor Roosevelt

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Seeds Of Service

Nov 17, 2020, 2 smiles I wanted to thank Service Space for inspiring me to look for and lift up the "seeds of service" within URI. It's kind of a long piece, but I want to share it with the SSp community. URI - Seeds of Service Sharing the Sacred, Serving the World was the theme that drew hundreds of people to Rio de Janeiro for URI’s Global Summit in 2002. Coined by Sarah Talcott, URI’s Global Youth Coordinator at the time, sharing the sacred broadcasts URI’s commitment to interfaith cooperation among people of all backgrounds. Almost twenty years later URI’s life blood flows with attention and respect for what is sacred in our lives. Serving the world broadcasts URI’s fundamental principle of giving service for the common good. Almost twenty years later, the spirit of service energizes commitment to bring forth the best in one another and to serve the needs of the world. Service can be ... Read Full Story

Nuggets From Mohammad Modarres's Call

Oct 24, 2020, 4 smiles Today, we had the privilege of hosting Awakin Call with Mohammad Modarres. Mohammad Modarres is founder of “Interfaith Meat.” It’s Halal, Kosher, and sustainably sourced to boot. The seeds were planted in 2001, when his family moved to suburban New Jersey. In the house to the left lived a Chinese pastor. To the right, secular Jews. Across the street, an Orthodox rabbi. Next door, Sunni Muslim doctors. “We would exchange holiday cards,” Modarres recalls. “And we would make home-cooked meals for each other during Ramadan.” Then came 9/11 and anti-Muslim bigotry. After the 2016 US elections, bigotry erupted again. Modarres responded by holding his first “Shabbat Salaam” dinner to convene Muslim and Jewish friends. The two-in-one Interfaith Meat honoring both religious laws has since evolved into Abe’s Eats, a company that uses well-sourced foods as a medium to foster cultural understanding. His goal is simply “to build a longer table, not ... Read Full Story

Mohammad Modarres: Abe's Eats: Building A Longer Table

Oct 21, 2020 This week's Awakin Call guest: 'Mohammad Modarres: Abe's Eats: Building A Longer TableReflection questions: How do you build bridges and get people working together with more inclusivity? What practices do you have to help yourself and others see beyond traditional divides?