About Me  

I'm joining Service Space because ... I believe in the power of the ripple. Serving another not only enacts an outward change, but also sets in motion an internal shift.

A good day to me is when ... I walk in the woods. With my dog is better. With my children is the best!

My hero in life is ....

My favorite book is ....

One thing I'm grateful for is ... Being a mother

What Is Within Your Means?

Oct 03, 2018, 8 smiles While biking deep within Wompatuck State Park this summer, my daughter and I passed an elderly woman meandering slowly on a mobility scooter. As we exchanged greetings, I became aware of her physical and verbal stiffness and I was a bit surprised to see her alone so far down this particular wooded path. However, it was a beautiful day to be among the trees and I was happy to see her enjoying nature despite her disabilities. After a thorough tour of the northeast quadrant of the park, we met up with this woman again but this time I noticed she had a snow shovel in her hands. As we zoomed passed her I could see she was using the shovel to push debris off the bike path. Pine needles, twigs, rocks and other hazards were all being nudged away. She was taking it upon herself to improve the conditions of the ... Read Full Story