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Small Is Big

Mar 05, 2020, 2 comments, 9 smiles Last few days I got a chance to join Jayeshbhai and other friends (from the parts of earth that we call Spain, Peru, London, Italy - like Pancho likes to put) on a pilgrimage for three days, where we got a humble chance to serve along, at National Service Scheme camp in a school at a village named 'Fulji na Muada' in Gujarat. Liam (friend from the part of the earth that we call London) and I co- anchored two small meditation sessions for the kids and NSS volunteers in the village. In one of the sessions, one kid was not able to do it for even 30 seconds and he had endless queries regarding it. He was agitated with himself and had tears of disappointment in his eyes. While others felt it too relaxing to their own surprise. The second session (with different bunch of people) was real powerful one. There were ... Read Full Story

Jadi Baa

Aug 07, 2018, 3 comments, 12 smiles I am here at Sughad since few days for Dil Darshan Retreat. And I have a lot, literally a lot to blog and put out here, sometime soon. But I have this uncontrollable feeling to share this right away, today. Short, simple and on point. While we all are (or at least I am) looking out for different ways and inspirations and stories out in the world, we had chance to know Jadi Baa (an elderly, sweetest lady working in kitchen, also mostly doing dishes apart from helping in kitchen). Today (07/08/2018), is the first birthday of Pankajbhai's daughter, Khushi. Since many days he was in general excited about going home to celebrate with her and was talking with everyone about going home for that. Two days back while Pankajbhai came and sat with us for dinner, he took out 21 Rs. from his pocket and said to us, with the greatest ... Read Full Story

Art From Today's HeArt Circle

Jul 22, 2018, 1 comments, 15 smiles Most of you have probably heard about heArt circles, that are hosted in various cities, where we share through art. Yesterday, in that space of stillness and connection in the heArt circle, this is what I ended up drawing: I'm feeling very grateful for these circle, and particularly Trupti. The very first I met her, she was just so giving. She helped me, but the more I observed her, I realized that she just helps everyone at every chance she gets. I feel blessed to know her, to be part of our local Awakin and heArt circle, our MBL retreats, and to keep trying to pay it forward. Thank you.