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I'm joining Service Space because ... I love to share thoughtfulness and use my gifts to benefit others around the world

A good day to me is when ... I inspire and see that I and other use our gifts to bless others

My hero in life is ...Jesus

My favorite book is ...Simon Sinek's Start With Why

One thing I'm grateful for is ... Life, family and the gifts that I have

You're The Firstborn In Your Family? This Is For You

Jan 10, 2021 Over the weekend, my mind went out to you. I wanted to appreciate you for all that you have gone through and may still experience. - Some of you became accidental parents. Your parent made you accountable for your younger ones, at a tender age. Words and any other things were thrown at you, from all angles if you didn't perform well. Are you aware that one of the skills that should be on your CV is "10 years experience in effective and strategic management of stubborn children?" 😄 - Some of you were (are) under undue pressure. Parents unconsciously wanted you to grow rapidly. They wanted you to jump classes. They need you to succeed quickly, so you can take care of them and your siblings. They can't wait to see you marry (but they also hate to see someone else steal your attention away from them). Haven't you heard of parent-in-law hating the wife or husband of their ... Read Full Story

"That Book - Write It. That App ...

Jun 30, 2018 "That book - write it. That app - develop it. That idea - act it. That business - start it. That plan - implement it. That gift - use it That passion - express it. That purpose - fulfill it. That experience - live it That life - magnify it" - Rohn Malhotra. Now, Add your own...

Little Is Much: What Does This Mean?

Jun 18, 2018, 9 smiles Little: Leading Interesting, Tasteful, Thoughtful Life Everyday. I work in the rural community of Nigeria (with Prikkle Academy) empowering young people to look into their skills, knowledge, talents and community assets to transform their own life experiences. Last year, I had a meeting that I was already running so late for, I had underestimated the minutes it would take me to walk to the meeting point. 20 minutes away from the house, the straps of my sandal broke, I was 9 minutes closer to the venue. Going back to the house wasn't a good choice. At that point, all I needed was a bike, taxi or a cobbler to suddenly appear. No bike, no cars passed for more than 15 minutes and the next cobbler was about 5 minutes away. Ouch!! It was uncomfortable walking in a broken sandal. I didn't want to walk barefooted, it's unsafe on an untarred, hot and sandy road. Yet, I had ... Read Full Story

If You Are Tired, Take Some ...

Nov 19, 2017, 3 comments, 6 smiles If you are tired, take some time to rest, not quit!